Birthday Wishes Book

My friend Lynn really likes the Verana Alpha from Lettering Delights.  I decided that I wanted to use that on her birthday card this year.  As I mulled it over I envisioned the letters on a lattice background spelling out “Happy Birthday Lynn”.

Make the Cut software has a wonderful feature for creating all sort of lattice which I used to build a rectangle of a lattice that I liked.  I then exported the file to PDF format for importing into my KNK Studio software so I could add a frame around it that made it look like a garden gate.

I placed the letters on the gate shape, resizing as necessary to get them just like I wanted them.  Then I realized that when I actually cut the letters and the flowers from the different colors of the cardstock that I was going to have to try to get them back into place just like they were on my screen.  To help myself out, I removed the flowers and leaves from the letters and then welded the letters into the lattice shape so I could then glue the individual letters into place and they would be straight and spaced just like I wanted them.

I then decided that instead of just a single fold card, there were a lot of things I wanted to wish her so the card became a book.  I downloaded graphics from The Graphics Fairy, found sayings and greetings at various sites on the Internet, created a blank page with the same shape and size as the lattice garden gate file, and combined the graphics and sayings to make pages for the book.  I then used the Print and Cut feature of the Make the Cut software to create the pages.

The page on the bottom which was the last page in the book, had a picture of a little dog on it.  I substitued a picture of Lynn’s dog to make it a bit more special.

The next challenge was to decide how to put it all together.  I stacked the pages, clamped them between two pieces of some fake boards, and applied a liberal coat of adhesive to the left end of the pages and left them to dry.

The garden gate lattice, letters, leaves, and flowers were assembled and backed by a piece of light blue paper and a layer of white cardstock.  A back was cut from the white cardstock and an additional piece of cardstock was cut to join all of the pieces together.

When it was all assembled, this is what it looked like.

The pieces for the book were cut on my KNK 15″ Maxx. Cardstock was cut at F=90, S=150, with 2 passes using a standard material blade (red cap).  The pages were printed on copy paper and cut with a F=50, S=150, with one pass and a standard material blade (red cap).

Cutting files for the lattice garden gate and the page shape can be downloaded from here.  Lattice and Page Shape Files


24 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes Book

  1. Your birthday wishes book is beautiful, how special for someome to receive something like this.

  2. You’re friend will certainly know how special you friendship is when she receives this! Lovely … and very creative!

  3. Judy, I love Lynn’s birthday book and what a wonderful memento for her to have. The personalization is not only creative but heartfelt which makes it a forever keepsake.
    Thanks so much for sharing the files. I love the lattice and the colors you used to make it pop on the front. Well done.

  4. I am the happy recipient of this card. The design and throughtfulness that came with the card are an absolute treasure…as is Judy’s friendship. It is very pretty here in the post, but even more special to hold and experience.

  5. That is gorgeous and puts all kind of thoughts in my mind for future cards. I love the way you did the front with the lattice and putting the name on the front too. Good job and very creative. TFS

  6. Wow, I love that book/idea. I’m wondering if you could do the same thing as a special Christmas card….. Thanks for the idea and for the files.

  7. What a fantastic gift! Lynn is lucky to have you for a friend. And seeing how she does crafts, she can appreciate all the work that goes into the making.Thanks for the idea.

  8. Whoa! This is so cool! What a special way to celebrate her day.

    (did NOT mean to make that rhyme, but since I did, it’s staying)

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