Birthday Girl Shirt Using Beads for a Unique Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl Shirt Using Beads

This is a very easy to make Birthday Girl Shirt using beads for a unique birthday girl. This shirt was made with iron-on vinyl and beads for a special look. This is a really fun project to make with your kids. They would love decorating their own shirts with beads. And believe me, they will be very proud wearing a shirt that they created themselves.

Birthday Girl Shirt Using Beads



  • Force = 15
  • Speed = 150


  1. First, I designed what I wanted to press on the shirt using MTC and cut it out of vinyl using my KNK Groove-e. Remember to cut iron-on vinyl in reverse!
  2. After that, I pressed the design onto the shirt.
  3. Then I placed the shirt on the table and started cutting tassels all around the shirt. You have to decide what length to make the tassels. It cannot be too short if you want to put two beads on each string.
  4. First of all, remove the hem at the bottom of the shirt and the sleeves as well. This will help to make the bead process easy.
  5. Once all the tassels have been cut, proceed to pull on all of the strings. Pulling will make the string thinner and curl to cover a little bit of the cut edges.
  6. Then I started to attached the beads. To do this, I just inserted a string into a bead and placed the bead where I wanted it. Then, I made a knot so the bead cannot come off.
  7. Now because I wanted two beads on the same string, I inserted the second bead at the end of the string and made another knot to secure the bead from coming off.
  8. Then I did the same with all of the tassels including the sleeves of the shirt.