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How’s it going? I got an email the other day that was having a $1 sale. So I went. And bought. As of the writing of this post (Sunday), items were still a buck. I’m hoping that’s the case by Friday. I’m not affiliated with svgattic, but I’ve purchased items from them before and have had very good luck with them.

I purchased this set:


and made a couple items on it to show you. I’m really upset with myself that I didn’t make sure the cake lid was sitting on that cake properly before I took a picture. If I have time, I know I’m going to reshoot that, because I can’t stop staring at it and it’s driving me nuts.





This was easy to cut and put together using the DCWV birthday papers and my Zing. The pieces are labeled in the file so you figure out what goes were pretty easily. If there are directions, I didn’t need ’em.



you open the box, you can put some treats inside or a gift card…or both.





I made this matching card. I’m not going to lie…I wanted to use the design paper from the candle on the card, but I think it is too busy for the text. 20140217-IMG_2343


I used the Worldwin Cutmates for the solid colors and ended up putting a .125 drop shadow on the text to help off-set the busy-ness. I wouldn’t give this to an adult. It screams kid. In fact, I’ll probably save it and give it to my son for his birthday in May. And put money in the cake box. He won’t care about any of it but the money.



I still want to do that little wishing well and if I have time, I’ll cut it and post it here.

Thanks again for looking, reading, and doing all you do to support Team KNK.





1. Buy file

2. Open file in MTC.

3. Cut file

4. Put it together. Cuss at the glue if needed (that’s what I did and it helped me).


KNK Zing

Make the Cut Software

DCWV paper stack The Birthday Wishes

Worldwin Cutmates Cardstock

Settings Used on Zing

Luck. Just kidding. Force was 120 for the DCWV and about 105 for the Worldwin. I tend to set it a little heavier than I’m supposed to. I leave all the other stuff the same.

Stay classy, KNK-ers.

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17 thoughts on “Birthday cake box and card

  1. That’s SUCH a cool set of designs. I love the choices of paper you used! And your directions just cracked me up! I’m sure all of us paper crafters have cussed at various adhesives from time to time! lol

    • Thanks! I couldn’t pass that up for a buck. Hope it’s all still on sale. I cuss at a lot of things, unfortunately. Guess my mouth wasn’t washed out with soap enough as a kid.

  2. All of these are great! I think a big part of it too is choosing the right papers to cut and your choice of the chevron was perfect for that cake box! Why is it that after we photograph it, and after we post it, we see these glaring errors? I can’t tell you how many times I have done the same thing, except mine were way worse, yours is just a lid not on perfect. Really great projects too! ~Diane

    • I agree. Choosing the paper and the project kills me!!

      I was trying to shoot the pictures in a hurry because I was losing my light and I don’t like to use flash. I forgot to pay attention to my “subject.” Oh well.

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