Belated Birthday

I recently missed a dear friend’s birthday.  Just didn’t check the calendar in time to get a card in the mail.  But with my computer, my KNK Studio software, and my KNK Maxx by my side, I soon created a custom belated birthday card.

Since it was for a man, I didn’t want anything frilly or flowery.  I cut several concentric circles out of red and white vinyl, an arrow out of gold colored vinyl, and words out of dark green vinyl.  I wanted to give the card a bit of a hand made/personal touch so I drew part of the design with colored pencils.  Here is what I ended up with.

On the inside of the card I used some more of the words cut from vinyl.

A simple design yet it delivers the message.

The vinyl was cut with a standard material blade (red tip) at a speed of 200 and a pressure of 35 with minimal blade exposure.  To assemble the target, I removed the circles I wasn’t going to use from each of the two colors of vinyl.  The circles of one color were lifted off the backing paper with transfer tape.  To help get the circles lined up, even though I was using clear transfer tape, I placed the second set of circles, which were still on the backing paper, over a light table and could easily see when the two sets were lined up perfectly.  Leaving the transfer tape in place, I could lift the whole “target” off the backing paper and place it on my card.


11 thoughts on “Belated Birthday

  1. I really like that you mentioned using the light table to line up your vinyl circles. I would not have thought of that. It is a good looking card and perfect for a guy.

  2. PERFECT for a man! I love it! Now if you could design a belated card for a woman, then I will just go ahead and cut out 20 of each! I miss birthdays constantly! lol

  3. like Sandy, I miss getting cards in the mail often. great looking male card. so to the point!!! have never used vinyl on my cards so will keep this in mind and give it a try. thanks for sharing your ideas with all of us.

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