Beautiful Butterflies Using Foami (Video en Español)

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These Beautiful Butterflies Using Foami is a very easy project to do using our KNK Cutters machines. This Butterfly can be altered to make different styles as well as different types of faces, as the examples shown below. This is a project that you can use in Centerpieces, Decorations for main tables, Gift Baskets, etc. The important thing is TO NOT limit yourself, our digital cutters are really good for making a lot of beautiful and unique projects.

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What do we need to make these Beautiful Butterflies Using Foami?

Settings for Groove-e Machine:

  • Blue Blade
  • Force = 25
  • Speed = 150

Steps to make the Butterfly:

  1. Cut the pieces of the Butterfly using your Digital cutter machine.
  2. Then, paint the border pieces of the butterfly, using a darker acrylic paint for the foami, to add shadow to the pieces. Example, if you are going to paint the border of a pink foami, then you are going to use acrylic paint on a darker shade of pink.
  3. Now, paint the face of the butterfly.
  4. And finally, with the glue gun, glue all the pieces together, to form the butterfly.
  5. I glued the butterfly to a wing that I found in the dollar store (this is totally optional)

Steps to make the centerpieces:

  1. Glue the butterfly to a wooden stick
  2. Place a piece of floral foam to a base, I used a foam plate as a base for this project.
  3. Stick the wood stick with the butterfly in the floral foam
  4. Then, with tissue paper cover all the floral foam.
  5. Finally, make a bow with ribbons and place it underneath of the butterfly

This is a very cheap, cute and unique centerpiece for any occasion.

The picture below shows an example of the final project on a cake table. The butterfly
was also cut using cardstock and placed on Minnie’s bow.

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And the picture below shows the whole decoration, using the butterflies as centerpieces too.

Video en Español

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