Beautiful Bow for a Beautiful Bride

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The inspiration for this project came from a spontaneous situation. In which, my daughter-in-law ran all Orlando trying to get a beautiful, sparkling bow for her wedding. With sadly no luck. But, while I was making some decorations with the Pressure Sensitive Glitter Flex Ultra from, a material that she loves. So after some quick thinking, I decided to make her bow a with that material but not tell her anything until the bow was completely done. Though… i have to say. The Pressure Sensitive Glitter Flex Ultra is the best material ever! It is very, very pretty and easy to cut with our cutters.It gave the end result a very professional look.



  • F = 25
  • V = 100


  1. I went to the internet and searched for Free Bow Template. Based on the Bow that she was looking for and that she described to me, directly corresponded to my search.
  2. Then, I Traced the template using MTC.
  3. Once the template is traced, cut it using your cutter machine and the Pressure sensitive vinyl material.
  4. Now, I DID NOT remove the backing of the material completely. I Just removed where the bow was going to be attached, which are the corners and a little bit of the center of the bow.
  5. I Proceeded to crease and fold the center of the bow to make the form that I wanted it to be. Then tied it with a floral wire (the very thin one)
  6. After that, I covered the wire with another piece of the Pressure Sensitive material.
  7. The bow was placed on top of her veil. She was happy and it looked very, very pretty.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Bow for a Beautiful Bride

    • Thanks! To remove it from the backing, I just cut a little bit of the backing in the two corners and a small piece of the backing in the center. After this form the bow then crease it. When you crease the bow, due to the fact that it still has backing, and it is a hard plastic, it will lift by itself. Remember that you are not taking out the whole backing. The loop of the bow has backing in order stay rsised and not attached to anything.

  1. It sure does look professional, Omayra. Thanks for sharing. Did you create the file or find one somewhere?

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