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Sand Dollar Invite_sm

My daughter, Brooke is getting married in May to her love. They are having the ceremony on the beach at sunset. Since they met while working on a summer stock play about the great native American chief Tecumseh, their wedding theme incorporates both native American symbols and beach motifs.

I am making a few things for the wedding, the first major project was the invitations. To save some time, I ordered the invitation paper and card pockets from Cards and Pockets. Since the art and design work on the invitations was the best use of my time, the precut cards were a blessing.

But I needed something to decorate the front of the invitation closure and could not find that perfect thing in the shops. I decided to make my own using my new KNK Force and leftover cardstock from the invitation precuts.


KNK Force Standard Material Detail Blade

Cardstock – I used the Cards and Pockets enclosure cards which are a 90LB slightly textured cardstock.




KNK Force Settings

  • Blade = Red Blade
  • Blade Offset = .01
  • Blade Tension = 2.5
  • Passes = 1
  • Starting Depth = 90
  • Cutting Depth/Ending Depth = 90
  • Cutting Speed = 25

I was using leftover enclosure cards from the invitation stock so the colors would match, and wanted to get as many sand dollars as possible out of the cards. I created a SVG in Make the Cut, using the card size of 3.5” x 6.5”, I sized my sand dollar image to fit as many as I could on one card. The C3 software for the Force does not yet allow the moving or rotating of cut files, so I made 2 versions for exporting the SVG, a portrait and a landscape. This way I was able to load up six cards on the Force mat turning some horizontal and some vertical.

Sand Dollar MTC

Since I am just beginning to find my way around the Force, I chose to cut each card separately, moving the blade to each card in turn and using the appropriate file for the orientation of the card on the mat.

C3 Sand Dollar

This was a simple job for the Force and I am happy to say the cuts were great and I am really pleased at the final look of the invitations.

Sand Dollars

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