Baseball All-Stars

Any Little league families out there? This is our last year. My son is 12 and will age out once the season is over. The regular season ended and then all the kids vote for All Stars Teams that will play other leagues in the city.

The night before All-Stars is announced, the manager and coaches of the team go to each person’s door and hangs a star and sprinkles confetti everywhere. I made the stars last year and I asked to do them again this year because I knew I could use my KNK Maxx to create them:


This is my son’s star. I had to make 13 total, but I also got to help deliver them at midnight which was a lot of fun.


I bought the stars at Party City and used black vinyl for the 2015 MTLL and the name. The font is called CK Rugged. 20150618-IMG_7972 20150618-IMG_7973

I used royal blue vinyl for “All Stars 11-12” and the script is Brannonball, which is free on the internet. 20150618-IMG_7974


I used the KNK Maxx for the vinyl as I have it set perfectly for vinyl (and have for the past year so I haven’t changed the blade and it still cuts great!)

My settings were v-250 f-30

But wait, there’s more:

We do little goodie bags for the boys so I picked up some plain brown bags at Michaels and put each boy’s name in blue card stock. I sure love that world win cut mates. It cuts like butter. I used the Zing for the card stock and my settings were : 10,10 and 120 (definitely time to change that blade).

20150618-IMG_7975 20150618-IMG_7976 But wait… there’s still more:

20150618-IMG_7982 20150618-IMG_7979 20150618-IMG_7980 The moms get little star pins to wear with their boy’s name and jersey number on them. I used that same CK rugged font and cut with blue and gold vinyl as shown above. I put stickles on top when I was done. I tried using that bigger glitter (you can see some of it on the number and on the star), but the letters would not stick to it.

And finally:

20150618-IMG_7977 20150618-IMG_7978

I found these cute plastic mugs at Dollar Tree and decorated them for the Moms to use at games. I stuck with that same font again, because I like it. I ran out of white and had to use gold for the back, but I think it worked out okay.

Our first game is Tuesday night. The boys have been practicing every day to get ready. Whatever happens, it was fun creating all these things so the boys (and their moms) have a great experience!

Until next month! Stay classy KNK-ers!






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  1. Wow! So adorable. How wonderful of you to take the time and devote your creativity to making memorable experiences for the boys and their parents. The drinking cup is so clever, so moms can know which child is attached to which parent.

  2. Great job and so generous with your time. I am sure it will be greatly appreciated.

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