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As you already know I love making decorations for any occasion but especially for Birthday parties and Baby Showers. Since I have my KNK Groove-e (machine that I love soooo very much, lol, Thanks to Sandy McCauley) my job is much more easy and my ideas have been duplicated. This was a banner that I made for a Baby Shower for one of my friends. This banner is a combination of foam board and Fun Foam. It is very simple to make.

Materials Used:


  • KNK Groove-e
  • Thick Materials Blue cap Blade
  • Force = 40 (This is the first time that I have to put the force at 40; sincerely I do not know why. Just try different settings until you get the result that you want.)
  • Speed = 150


    • For this project the first thing that I made was to create a template for the cloud. I just draw the cloud in KNK Studio; tracing one from the internet.
    • After drawing the cloud, I printed it from KNK Studio. Because of its size, the parts of the clouds printed on 8 sheets of paper.
    • I glued the papers together to form a big template which was used to cut the cardboard. Because the cardboard is too thick, this could not be cut with my KNK machine. However, this cloud can be cut out of Fun Foam too. I did not have white fun foam so that is why I cut it on a cardboard.
    • Now, write the name or the word that you want in the fun foam.
    • I always, always, paint the borders to make it more attractive.
    • I LOVE glitter, so I added glitter to the borders.
    • Glue the name to the cardboard and your banner is done.
    • I added a little duck from the web to decorate the banner.

As you can see, with a KNK machine you can draw, trace, make templates, cut, and more. Plus you can make any project unique and different and your mind will be full of many ideas.

In my next project, I will show you the centerpieces that I made to decorate the main table.

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  1. Another great job. You make good use of both your abilities and those of you KNK Groove-e. I am sure the people you make the decorations for appreciate your personal touch.

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