Entrance Banner Decoration for a Special Birthday Party

Entrance banner decoration special Birthday Party

This was the Entrance banner decoration for a surprise birthday party that we threw for my mother. My mother turned 70 and we wanted to make something really special for her. I asked her for help to make the decoration but she did not know that she would be helping me with her own decoration, LOL. That was very funny and pretty ironic for a surprise birthday party hahaha.

In one of the prior post, I showed how to make the paper flowers to decorate any occasion. Here is the link with the step by step on how to make the paper flowers. In this post, I will show you how to make the banner that says Happy Birthday Zory.

Entrance banner decoration special Birthday Party

Entrance banner decoration special Birthday Party



  • F = 06
  • V = 250


  1. First, I covered the Blank Coroplast sheet with white cardboard because the Blank Coroplast that I had available was yellow. So you can skip this step if your Blank Coroplast is the color that you want your final project to be.
  2. After that, with the tissue paper, I covered the bottom with one color and the top with another color of paper.
  3. Then, I measure the size of the Coroplast and I chose flowers from MTC Gallery to be cut out of Vinyl. On each flower, I wrote a letter of the name of my mother. I also wrote the word Happy Birthday to be cut out of Vinyl as well.
  4. Because I wanted to transfer those letters on top of tissue paper. I first took out a little bit of the adhesive of the transfer tape by putting a towel on top of the sticky side of the transfer paper.
  5. Then, carefully, I transferred everything onto the banner.
  6. Next, I glued some silk flowers to make the banner more attractive.
  7. Lastly, to complement the entrance, I drew and painted a butterfly on styrofoam

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  1. It turned out great! I hope your mom appreciated the irony of making her own decorations, and I bet she was super surprised.

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