{Back to school…

Well, not until the 28th, but I’m going to squeeze every last bit out of this break. We didn’t go anywhere this break because we remodeled two bathrooms. But I’ve had some time to play around in my crap shack. (That’s what my family calls my craft room, so there you have it. I call it one step away from an episode of Hoarders. It’s that bad. For awhile you couldn’t see floor. I may have told you all this before, but I’m getting old and I forget stuff.)

So I saw this cute kit at SVGCuts and knew I had to own it.

I got it free for spending a certain amount of money.



I don’t know why, but in my huge stash of paper, which if it combusted would probably burn down my house, I did not own one school-related paper. I thought a trip to Joann’s was in order, but then I remembered I’m on a bit of a spending freeze.

So I used my digital scrapbooking paper from my old digi-days and printed it out and ran it through my Zing, like I do everything else (even the ironing. Just kidding, I don’t iron).



What I like about digi papers is they often have a lot of neat texture, like this blue one has that cool choketone pattern. I don’t know why they call it choke tone, but they do. Go with it, I did.

20130815-IMG_0228 Of course it needs a set of cards. I didn’t go with the card offered in the SVG cuts kit. I just used the apple (not sure if I glued the stem and leaf right), and used my scraps from the box to make the cards.

20130815-IMG_0230 20130815-IMG_0232


Couple of different views.

20130815-IMG_0229 I had to crop this last one funny because I didn’t allow for the pen when I took the picture. I made the envelopes by hand, which I’m finally getting a little bit better at doing. I’m refusing to buy envelopes anymore. They are expensive! So one way or another, I’m going to get better at making them. When I use the Zing, they turn out perfect, but sometimes I’m just too lazy to fire it up. You can’t see the texture of the envelope paper because I over-developed these pictures a bit to lighten up the dark areas, but they have this neat marble swirl on them.

Notice that pen holder hole is a little small. You might want to enlarge the hole a bit if you want to use a bigger pen. It was a tight squeeze with the bic because I had wrapped the green tape around it to make it prettier.

I’m a teacher and would love to receive something like this, but I don’t know that dude teachers would be impressed. If you want to kiss up (er… make happy) to your child or grandchild’s teacher, this would definitely work. Especially if you threw a bit of chocolate or a Starbucks card in there.

Well, that’s it from me. Until next month. I’ll have to come up with something spooky for Halloween. Next month is my busy month because I’ll be testing 500 kids, but I’ll try to do something good.



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12 thoughts on “{Back to school…

  1. Great article and darling card and box set. I just had to clear out one of my cra(p)ft rooms in order to turn it back into a bedroom for a few nights. You cannot get into the other room now because it is full of the first room’s stuff as well. How do we collect it all?

  2. I just bought this set yesterday! Love your paper choice! I will have to see what digi papers I have that will work for this set, Thank you for sharing!

  3. The card is great, I really need to get back to card making.Love the hoarders comment, I think many of us are in the same boat.

  4. I think that we would all like to visit your crap shack, and perhaps secretly covet it…
    You always amaze with your creativity and the beautiful materials you use to create something for us to admire each post.

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