Baby it’s cold outside!


Living in Wisconsin means it can get cold. Right now we are at -18 and wind chills at up to -50 below. I love it because it means that I stay inside and get things done, including spending time with my KNK Maxx.

Today I cut some glossy vinyl. I was making something that I wanted to be able to hand wash and this seemed to be my best choice.


KNK Maxx 15″

red blade

46 force

450 speed

I was cutting smaller items so I placed my vinyl on my mat. I prefer to use a the mat when cutting vinyl unless of course the vinyl needed is too large for the mat. I cut the words from red vinyl and a few snowflakes from white. I applied by removing the vinyl from the paper backing with transfer tape and applied starting in the center of the design and then working my way to the sides. This seemed to make it lay flat even on a curved glass. The glasses were from Wal-Mart, 4 in a pack. Below is a link to the file for this project.

weather outside is frightful

5 thoughts on “Baby it’s cold outside!

  1. Like it, Nancy!!! The glass that is, not the weather – BRRRR! Great job and thanks for the file.

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