{Aye Matey…

I’m all about killing two birds with one stone. Who came up with that saying anyway? No birds were harmed in the creating of this project or post.

I tend to ramble, so you’ve been warned. I will try to behave myself. If I were you though, I’d grab a cup of coffee. I’ll wait for you…. are you ready now??

Anyway, I was the chicken who signed up for the last day I could possibly sign up on the KNK team project. Why? Well, I am probably my own worst enemy. I thought, “how am I going to come up with something even close to as wonderful as everything that has been posted so far??” Let me tell you, I’m humbled by the creativity on this board. Hopefully it inspires you as it did me.

I’m a teacher at an elementary school and we are having a bucket contest. We were given a bucket and as a team told to do something with the bucket. The rest of my team mates are going to buy the stuff to go into it. My job was to decorate it and decorate it I did. I figured I could also use it as my project this month as well! Bonus! One of my team mates came up with a pirate theme so I went through my HUGE Lettering Delights stash and thought this would be perfect!! I picked up a big bundle for $50 awhile back and this was in it.


I downloaded a pirate font from the internet. It’s called Captain Kidd.

And I got to work…

Actually Maxx did.


Awww. Look at him go. Look at his dirty pinch wheels that need to be cleaned (goo-gone is my friend) and the mat that desperately needs to be replaced. Is this the sign of a machine that has been well loved? It better be. I hope your Maxies are just as dirty as mine is cause it means you’re using those babies. Note how one of my pinch wheels isn’t exactly under the white marker. I didn’t catch that until now, but you want to try to make sure those buggers are lined up or you will have skewing.

Isn’t the bucket Β name clever? Just say yes and I will be quiet.

This black vinyl I was using was probably from 1983. Not really, but it sure looked old. Yet it still worked. I typed the words into Make the Cut and put a slight shadow layer on them to thicken them up.

One cool thing about Make the Cut is you can have many pages in the same file. So I have one file that has ALL the stuff you see on this post, just on different pages.

I used the SVGs from the lettering delights set and kind of slapped them around the bucket half-hazardly. There is no real method to my madness.

Even the shovel got piratized. You’ll learn quickly that I make up words. And I talk in slang and incomplete sentences. Should I mention I have a degree in English? Probably not.

One of the beautiful thing about Maxx is how easy it is to switch mediums. I bumped up my force and cut out all these pirate things (notice how I refrained from using my usual naughty words here. I told you, I’m behaving!).

I decided I needed a beer to finish this because I have adult undiagnosed ADHD. But then I remembered I don’t like beer. And you probably shouldn’t drink and handle big machinery. Ha ha ha.

So I broke out the Twix candy bars and got back to work.

These are the gift cards. I hadn’t put them together yet here, but they are also from Lettering Delights. I used my extra pieces of vinyl to decorate the back. I will probably take some colored twine or something to pimp them out a little better.


I made these flags to stick out of the bucket. Here’s a close up of it. I will have to come back with a picture showing the whole flag because I see now that I didn’t take one.

Please ignore my glue mess. I’m like a 5 year old with glue.


See all my glue smudges? Pretend you don’t and I’ll pretend I don’t.


No pirate booty bucket is complete without a treasure box. I was pretty close to killing this thing. Or kicking it across the room. Lesson learned: if you want to run paper through the cuddle bug that is going to make a box or something, don’t use that white core paper. It crackles and starts splitting on you. Can you see where a wood textured embossing folder would have been good here? You know, Maxx embosses, but I was so utterly…um… angry at that treasure chest that I decided I could live with it having a snake-skinned texture. We are going to fill this up with gold chocolate coins.

One of my team mates wants to put sand in the bucket, but I said H. to the NO. That will be too messy. And knowing me I’ll knock it over. So I shredded some of my brown/cream/mustard color paper to fill up the bucket.

The gift cards will be hidden in the “fake” sand like buried treasures. Clever, eh?

I ended up decorating the gift cards with some print and cut images. I picked these babies up for 50 cents at Lettering Delights. You just can’t beat that price.

All I know is I would not want to cut this stuff out by hand. I’d be saying a lot of bad words.

More than usual.

Here are some close-ups. Just because I haven’t bombarded you with enough pictures. Is Chad going to yell at me? I doubt it. He’s a cool dude.


Here’s the final product:

P.S. One of my “competitors” posts on the Make the Cut board so I can’t post this project there until after the 19th. So sssshhhh. Don’t tell her. I want to win!!! Actually, I don’t think we win anything except for “Kudos, you made a stellar bucket!!”

P.S.S. If you are still with me and haven’t gone to sleep because I’ve bored you to death, thanks for reading! I keep a blog, aptly named http://www.krapikreate.wordpress.com if you want to read more of my ramblings.


30 thoughts on “{Aye Matey…

  1. Well if you don’t win the contest I want to see what the winner came up with! What a lot of work! But it paid off, good job matey. LOL

    • awww, thanks… I really want to make that cottage though. I debated using that for the project. Thanks for ye comment, matey!

  2. What a fantastic project! Loved your ramblings, hysterical! Fortunately I already had the cuppa in my hand so was able to read uninterrupted! πŸ™‚

    • Alrighty! You drank that coffee for me then, right? Unfortunately I don’t like coffee unless it’s drowning in cream and sugar… so I don’t really drink it.

      Thanks for ye comment, matey!

  3. Fantastic Project Deb!! I’m thinking it was more fun than work and it really looks great now that it is done!! If you don’t win, you can at least eat the chocolate.

  4. What a teriffic project, Deb! Whether you win or not, you are a formidable opponent to the other entries. This is a great party package. I especially like the party invitaions and the great use of vinyl.

  5. Deb, looks like you knocked it ot of the park…..or pirate ship, I should say! Way to go!!!

    • ha ha ha! Thanks ye matey! (I had replied to your comment before and it’s gone, so if it suddenly shows up twice that’s why)

  6. I was just looking at the treasure box and your complaint that the white core of the paper is showing through on the embossing. I think it gives it an aged look and that is quite appropriate for a treasure box, don’t you think?? Well done

    • I liked the aged look, but the paper starts splitting where it is embossed. That’s the part I don’t like.

      thanks ye matey for ye comment!

  7. AWESOME!!! Makes me wish I was still teaching. If only these machines had been available back when
    I taught school!!! πŸ™‚

    • I know. We actually have those ellison die cutting machines with the handles and the dies. I refuse to use it. I walk by it and stick my nose in the air because I’m an electric snob now. πŸ™‚

  8. Where was this when my kids were little??? They were obsessed with pirates (especially Johnny Depp…) LOL. Beautiful work and so fun!

  9. Bet you had folks walking the plank over who would get this bucket set… What a great deal of work you put into this!

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