Personalized Diaper Bag

Personalized Diaper Bag, Omayra Duarte, Omayra, KNK, KNKusa

This Personalized Diaper Bag is a Wonderful and Unique gift for a mommy to be.

Materials to make this Personalized Diaper Bag :

Settings KNK Groove-e:

  • Blade = Red
  • F = 8
  • V = 150


  1. I just choose a butterfly file from MTC and imported it into SCAL5 to write the name of the baby.
  2. When I was happy with the design, I then cut the HTV with my KNK Machine.
  3. After that, I pre-heated my regular iron, using the wool setting.
  4. Then, I placed a piece of wood inside the pocket of the diaper bag.
  5. I placed the HTV on the center of the diaper bag and pressed with my iron for 15 seconds.
  6. I removed the protection sheet and repressed with the Teflon sheet for two more minutes.

Wood Santa Stocking Countdown to Christmas (Video Paso a Paso en Español)

Wood Santa Stocking Countdown to Christmas, Omayra Duarte, knk, Christmas

If you have not done the Countdown to Christmas yet, here you will have an idea to do so. So for my granddaughter, I made a Wood Santa Stocking Countdown to Christmas. Making a little activity she can do to brighten the day while bringing forth that Christmas spirit! She is constantly asking how many days are left till Santa, with this neet little project she can keep track herself, in a fun and enjoyable way!

Materials to make the Wood Santa Stocking Countdown to Christmas:

Settings KNK Groove-e to cut vinyl:

  • Blade = Red
  • F = 8
  • V = 150

Settings KNK Groove-e to cut the Pressure Sensitive GlitterFlex:

  • Blade = Red
  • F = 32
  • V = 150
  • Passes = 2


  1. To make the white thing at the top of the stocking, where it is supposed to fold over and expose the inside of the stocking.  I measured the area at the top, focusing mainly on the width, but also the height or how far down I wanted to go. After designed that shape in SCAL and wrote the name of the child, in this case, “Carlea,”.into that same area.
  2. Then, I cut it using the Pressure Sensitive GlitterFlex and transferred it to the wood.
  3. After that, I wrote “Countdown to Christmas” and “Day Left” and cut it out of vinyl.
  4. Next, I measured the Foam blocks and cut the numbers to fix on top of them.
  5. Furthermore, with the glue gun, I glued the velcro to the wood and to the foam blocks
  6. Lastly, I transfer the numbers to the foam block.

Video Paso a Paso en Espanol 

“Cookies for Santa” Personalized Plate-Mug

"Cookies for Santa" Personalized Plate-Mug, Omayra Duarte A “Cookies for Santa” Personalized Plate-Mug makes for a great compliment to Santa’s milk and cookies. It was a great project that I enjoyed doing with my granddaughter. She was very excited when I told her that I would be adding her name to the plate where she would be leaving the cookies for Santa. When she knew that I would add her name to it, she asked me to add “Love you Santa”. "Cookies for Santa" Personalized Plate and Mug, Omayra Duarte

The back of the mug is also to be customized with the same name. This is the name of my niece, she also has a plate with her name.

Materials to make the “Cookies for Santa” Personalized Plate-Mug:

Settings KNK Groove-e:

  • Blade = Red
  • F = 8
  • V = 150


  1. I measured the plate and the mug to know the size of the space that I had to apply the letters and/or design.
  2. I chose what I wanted to add to the mug and the plate.
  3. Then, I cut it out of vinyl.
  4. After it was weeded, I added the transfer tape.
  5. I cleaned the plate and the mug with alcohol and then placed the vinyl on them.

The most Beautiful thing of all was to see the face of my granddaughter and my niece who is just 3 months old.


SVG Santa Milk Cup

Print and Cut Birthday Candy Box


Print and Cut Birthday Candy Box, Omayra Duarte

This is a Print and Cut Birthday Candy Box that I made for the first birthday of my cousin son. This box is matching his decoration, which it was about airplanes.

Inside the box, there is plenty of room to put candies, goodies, mini toys, all other things to use as party favors.

Materials to make the Print and Cut Birthday Candy Box:

Settings KNK Force:

  • Blade = Red
  • BT = 1
  • P= 1
  • CD = 80
  • US = 25
  • CS= 25
  • PS = 40
  • LS = 40


  1. I choose a box and an airplane file from MTC and Imported it to SCAL to weld and finish the Box. I imported the files to SCAL so I could cut the file directly to the machine.
  2. Once I had the files imported to SCAL and it was welded, I wrote the number one  (1st )and the child’s name.
  3. After being happy with the results, I printed the file in a regular white cardstock. And then made the cut using my KNK Force.

Personalized Gift Bag

Personalized Gift Bag,

I love to personalize everything. This time, I personalized a Gift Bag for a gift that a friend of mine would be giving to her granddaughter. This is a very simple project that makes a Huge difference. Customizing it makes it more personal. Even a simple gift bag. Now that Christmas is around the corner, This is a technique that we can use on any gift bag that we use for presents.

The materials that I used for this Personalized Gift Bag were:

Settings for Groove-e Machine:

  • Force = 15
  • Speed = 150

Steps to make the Personalized Gift Bag:

  1. The gift bag that I got already had the balloons, so I just measured the balloons to know the size that I would be making the name of the girl and her age.
  2. Once I had the measurements, I wrote the name and the number 15 and cut it using my KNK Groove-e.
  3. After it was weeded, I applied the transfer tape on top of the letters.
  4. Finally, I transferred the vinyl.