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While you were away………… in a personalized way

My husband does a yearly or bi-yearly hiking trip and I take this as a mini craft adventure to decorate, paint or create!  This year it was time to re-do my children’s rooms.     The KNKZing makes it so easy to redo their rooms with minimal cost! I had decorated both my kids rooms in vinyl when we first adopted them.  I was able to re-do both their rooms in two days (including repainting a desk).  Grace originally had a flower bed garden scene with a large tree.  Here is her old design.


I wanted to personalize her room so I decided to try something new.  I took a photo of her doing what she loves, dancing.  Here is her photo.  I scanned 

I transformed this photo of Grace into this! 

I continued in this method for all the dancers in her room and added the mirror and ballet barre!  INSTANT transformation with NO painting!  Here are the rest of her walls.

Next was my son Yoseph’s turn! His original room with an Ethiopian theme since he was adopted from Ethiopia!  Here is his original room design.

Yoseph wanted to keep the Ethiopia theme but add planets!  The file came from SVGCUTS.com   Also I didn’t want Yoseph to be left out with the personalizing so we made him an alien!  I added glow in the dark paint to his aliens as an experiment and it worked like a charm!  Here is his finished room!

Thanks for checking it out!

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p.s. Happy Thanksgiving!

Baby Blessings!

I love to create things for people on a tight budget but make it look like they paid a lot.  Baby items are a great place to demonstrate this!  If you ever go in to a baby specialty boutique store or shop on ETSY you can see this first hand!    You may have seen some things I have done previously but these are new creations!  The first step stool I made was for my neighbor’s new grand-daugther.  And the second one I made was for my friend going to a baby shower.  We originally were going to do something for the baby but we expanded our idea to making a step stool for the “big sister” middle child with their bath theme of Little Nemo.  In MTC studio we imported the images for the step stool, traced them and cut them on my KNK ZING!  Here are the final images of the step stools.  Below is the link for the Ikea step stool in blue. The pink one was from Walmart. Enjoy!


side view of Nemo step stools

The next project was the step stool for my neighbor’s first grandbaby Liliana.

Liliana's step stool

Liliana’s step stool


back side of Liliana’s step stool


I hope I’ve inspired you to try something new!

love hugs and prayers

Carol aka Carolbknits!

Ikea step stool link. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/60101063/