Another Swim Club card

When I first started making cards I was always “on the hunt” for either the stamp or the punch that I could use for making a card that I saw online that I wanted to replicate. Now, nothing makes me happier than to see a card on Pinterest and realize I have everything that I need to make that card…my KNK Maxx!  I recently boxed up all of my stamps and a variety of other supplies that I haven’t used in a long time and gave them to my niece. She is a stay at home mom who just moved to a different state with her husband and 3 little kids because of a job opportunity for her husband. I hope that she will enjoy making cards as much as I do! One thing that I have mentioned before is I HATE stamping. Maybe because I so seldom do it, I am not good at it. It drives me crazy to mess up a card with a sloppy stamp. So I use KNK Studio to design my “stamp” and then I either send it to Word and print it, or I cut it from vinyl. pinterest card

This is the card I saw on Pinterest…this is the card I made.


Materials used

Coredinations Paper


KNK Maxx



15″ KNK Maxx

Red blade

120 force

400 speed

I cut the card from Coredinations paper. The black gift was  cut from the Black Magic collection. When you emboss it and sand it another color pops through. I printed the Happy Birthday on white Coredinations paper. I then cut the gifts with my KNK Maxx and ran them through my Cuttlebug. Such a cute, simple card! I did cut the Happy Birthday from vinyl to test it and it cuts just fine!

Enjoy the file! 5×7 Birthday card Gifts



8 thoughts on “Another Swim Club card

  1. Don’t you just love what are machines can do. They are wonderful. Beautiful card. Thanks for sharing and I am sure your niece will enjoy your stamps. Thanks for passing on the talent.

  2. Another great job, Nancy!! I love the simplicity of the card. Thank you for sharing the files.

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