And the stockings were hung…


Every year I change up the theme for my Christmas decorations. I have three main themes I work with, classic shiny, country casual and Nordic inspired. My newest theme Nordic, needed some different stocking holders to fit the clean modern winter feel. Since we do not get snow in Florida, I have to provide my own!

I found these metal stocking holders in my local Target store. They had metal initials with magnetic bottoms you could add to personalize the holders. Since they did not have the letters I needed (and the stockings are already personalized), I decided to craft my own to match the Nordic décor theme.

Reindeer play a major role in all my Christmas decoration themes so I decided to add another herd on top of my mantel. I looked for cardstock that would have the look of metal and lucked upon some perfect cardstock at my local crafts store. Add some white glitter cardstock for snow and blue for the winter reindeer and I was ready to cut!


KNK Zing/Zing Air/Maxx Air Standard Material Detail Blade

KNK Zing/Zing Air/Maxx Air Thick Material Blade

Embossing Tool

Pen Tool

Heavyweight cardstock for brace

Glitter cardstock and “metal” look cardstock for winter scene

Small magnets


After measuring the stocking holder base, I designed a background in Make the Cut! using the half round rectangle in Basic Shapes. I then created a support brace for the background as a box so that it could hold the magnets. I cheated a little here and used the box generator from Template Maker. I chose the counter display box, input my measurements into the generator, and downloaded a perfect SVG file into Make the Cut. (free MTC file for the background and base here; Stocking Hanger Scene Background.

Maxx Air Settings for cardstock

  • Blade = Red Blade, Blade height = 25
  • Force =85
  • Velocity = 300
  • # Passes = 2
  • Blade Offset = .35

Maxx Air Settings for glitter cardstock

  • Blade = Blue Blade, Blade height = 25
  • Force =100
  • Velocity = 100
  • # Passes = 3
  • Blade Offset = .35

I cut the background out of the “metal” cardstock. Since this was a heavy weight card with a laminated foil design, I upped my force and did two cutting passes to get a clean cut.

For the brace support I used an 80lb white cardstock. First, I embossed the score lines with the Embossing Tool and then I used the Pen Tool  with an air erasable marker to highlight the score lines for easier folding.  The lines stayed long enough for me to easily see the score line positions on the white cardstock. Last step was to change to the Red Blade and cut the brace. Made the folds and constructed the braces.


Using several purchased designs of reindeer and snowflakes (I got some snowflakes from the MTC Gallery) I cut out the shapes from the glitter cardstock using a Blue Blade as the glitter cardstock was very heavily textured.


Layered up the motifs on the background and glued in place. After the scenes were dry, glued the brace to the back making sure to center the brace.


CWest_SH_Connect brace

Dropped two .75” magnets in the base to attach to the metal stocking holder, centering the scene. This way they can be easily removed after Christmas.


CWest_SH_Center Scene

I really like the new look, and if I wish I can change them up every year as I please.

CWest_SH_ Finished Product

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