And it all came tumbling down…

Last year I posted pictures of a windmill my husband put up on our property. It took him months to get it done. I personalized the tail with our name and date of our marriage. I always wished I had made it bigger but once it is 30 feet up in the air there is no going back…or so I thought. The perfect storm of a very wet spring and straight line winds and down it came.

It pulled 3 foot long cement pillars out of the ground. It was all salvageable except for the 4 bottom “feet” and the tail. So I had a chance to do it again and here it is.



paper transfer tape


15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

force 36

speed 300

I used the wet method to transfer the vinyl to the tail. You use paper transfer tape and a spray solution (Action Tac). You apply the paper tape to the vinyl and remove vinyl from the backing. Then you spray the surface with Action Tac and lay the vinyl onto the surface. The solution allows you to move the vinyl around a bit and get it exactly where you want it. Then you run a squeegee over the paper tape and it removes the solution and any bubbles. You end up with perfectly smooth vinyl and none of the annoying bubbles. Now we just need to get a boom lift to get the top back onto the 30 foot tower. My husband used 4 times the cement on each foot and says it isn’t coming down again. Let’s hope he is right!

5 thoughts on “And it all came tumbling down…

  1. OOOHHH NNNNOOOOOO, Nancy… I hope your husband is right!!! But just see the good part of it, You had more excuses to use your machine, LOL. Good Luck!!!!

  2. What a wonderful opportunity came out of a natural disaster. Very glad you got another chance but not the way it came about. Love this. It is definitely much easier to see now. Thanks for sharing.

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