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Hello and welcome to TeamKNK!  The TeamKNK site is where inspiration abounds from all corners of the world.  We are so excited that you have stopped by:) You are irreplaceable!

WOW! I am so excited to share with you what my amaZing Make the Cut software, over the top KNK faux glass etch vinyl, matte wall vinyl, and my to the moon and back KNK Zing created!  This gift is super fast n’ easy to do! Seriously– you can complete this project from beginning to end in approximately 30 minutes- maybe less:) I’m sure that I’ll make more of these in the future.

Even though this was created for a precious baby boy’s nursery, you can adapt this project for many special gift occasions.  If you desire to make this for a girl, here’s an idea to add a feminine touch:  how about attaching a sweet little ribbon to the back of the frame and tying a bow in the center to conceal the nail?  A gift like this can be very heartwarming as it’s quite apparent that it was made especially for the recipient!!

Click on the link below to view the TeamKNK tutorial video:)

FYI-the frame was purchased at a thrift store and then painted with white spray paint. (this frame was black) If you paint your frame, make sure to disassemble the ‘insides’ from the frame. This enables you to paint the frame with ease.

Thank you  for being so special to include us in your day:)   It’s time to get all ‘dekked’ out:)   HUGE {{{HUGS}}} and……be blessed

~Beyond Measure


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Born and raised in Texas to two really awesome parents, the Lord decided it was time for my immediate family and I to "head 'em up and move 'em out!" to beautiful Wyoming. ~ Oh give me a home---where the buffalo roam---and the deer and the antelope play! That was almost 12 years ago. My studmuffin sweetheart and I have been married for 23 uber awesome years:) Our over the top son is 22 and our amazing daughter is 19. I so enjoy creating of all sorts---but over the past few years, I've developed such a love/passion/heart for creating (paper/metal/vinyl crafting --primarily cards) to bless others.

 To the glory of our Lord Jesus, I am so very thankful, humbled, and honored to say that I am blessed Beyond Measure and I want that for you, too.

18 thoughts on “All “Dekked” out

  1. Love it Tammy! The link doesn’t work 🙁
    I had to edit the link to get it to work.
    Love hugs and prayers

  2. What a lovely tutorial. I learned several things watching it. One was how easy you made it look. Thank you so much.

  3. Tammy, not only is that a great gift, but your video is both helpful and uplifting. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  4. awsome project, easy too. like the font u chose! great video, thanks for sharing. have a blessed day!

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