Album and Favor for “Quinceañera”

Quince, KNK, Sweet 16

This is one of the best gifts that a “Quinceañera” (Sweet 16) or any person can receive. It is a personalized album with the “Quinceañera’s” name. It is very easy to make thanks to my WONDERFUL KNK machine.


KNK Cutter, Rhinestones, Transfer tape, Album, Batting, Fabric, and any Embellishments that you want to add to your album.


First of all, cover your album with batting and trim it. Then, cut your fabric 1 inch larger than the dimensions of the album so you can fold 1/2″ of fabric around the edges to cover your album. Before you glue the fabric to your album, design and iron rhinestones to the fabric. Then, put hot glue in the very corners of your album and fold the fabric. Do this to all four sides so that the album is covered completely. Finally, add other embellishments to give that special touch. In this case I dressed a mini doll with tissue paper and tulle.

On the inside of the album covers, I glued ribbon to cover all of the imperfections:

Album Quince inside



Party Favor, mask, KNK

This is a party favor to match the “Quinceañero” mask Theme. Note that “quinceañero” is the word used when you are mentioning the whole event (el quinceañero).

Here is a link to the cutting file to make this mask box: Mask Box in MTC, KNK, SVG, and PDF formats


KNK Cutter, two different colors of cardstock, ribbon, glue, and your desired embellishments.


Cut the box file from one color and the two masks from the other color of cardstock. Glue them together and embellish. Very easy!

This is my post for today, I hope you enjoyed it.


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  1. Omayra, I always enjoy your creative projects. Thanks for sharing!

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