AHOY! A Beach Themed Card Swap

My local group of crafting friends do cards swaps and our last one was based on a beach theme. I found a really cute card idea on the Internet to “borrow from” and proceeded to create a very similar card using KNK Studio and my 15″ KNK Maxx.

First, I traced the sea creatures from the photo using the polyarc/manual tracing function in KNK Studio. After cutting the crab, octopus, and starfish from three different colors of cardstock, I then used embossing folders to add different textures to the creatures. This was the first time I had used my Epic embossing machine since buying it several years ago! How sad is that? lol

The eyes are obvious… I glued on googly eyes. Behind the “smile holes” in each creature I glued a small black cardstock oval, also cut on the Maxx. And then each creature was pop-dotted to a light blue card.

For the water, I also used KNK Studio’s polyarc function to design some waves and then I cut these waves from blue paper. The waves seemed a bit “dull” so I inked them with Ranger Broken China distress ink.

For the word “AHOY”, I picked a font called Feetish and cut the letters from Sookwang double-sided adhesive sheets. Without removing the letters from the surrounding waste, I carefully peeled off the back sheet of the parts I needed to press down to the card first. After arranging on top of the wave, I then removed the surrounding waste, peeled off the top sheet of the cut letters and then applied gold colored embossing powder. However, I did not apply heat because it causes the powder to turn a deep gold. I preferred the raw look which more closely resembled, in my opinion, sand with sun hitting it:

So, there you have it! Wish I could share the cutting files, but because I used someone’s manufactured card, I will not share. Maybe this will be an incentive for some of you to give the manual tracing feature in KNK Studio a try? It’s VERY powerful and actually kind of fun and relaxing at the same time! Kind of like a day at the beach!

24 thoughts on “AHOY! A Beach Themed Card Swap

  1. I love it! You may have borrowed the idea but you certainly made it your own.

  2. Very neat card and a great use of the various functions in the software.

  3. What lucky people in this card swap to receive this card! Great use of my favorite toy…the KNK and other crafty stuff we sometimes overlook or just plain don’t consider using.

  4. Love, love, love the card, Sandy. It is so playful and fun. Using the embossing powder
    without heating it was a good idea. It does indeed look like sand. LOVE the AHOY.

  5. Oh thanks for sharing how you did this. I love the idea! I used my embosser too just this year and fell in love with it. Funny though I would have probably embossed before cutting. I do think your way would be much better. I love it because my Grand has Always been a “water baby”….smile. Thanks Sandy!!

  6. What an adorable, fun card!! Thanks for all of the details of what you used and how you did it.

  7. That is so cute, it is so much fun to see something you like and know that “I can make that”. My husband hears it all the time. :O)

    • We do not sell it… but we should! I’ll talk to Chad about it. Meanwhile, Joe Rotella, another dealer of ours, really likes this kind: Cut Bond Create from USArtQuest. I need to get some and compare it to the Sookwang.

  8. I LOVE THIS CARD!!!! I am at the beach now and can’t wait to get home to make this card. I guess that means that crafting means more to me than being at the beach. LOL Go figure!!! 🙂

    • Cece! You went to Myrtle Beach and didn’t take ME???!!! WELL! LOL! When you get the card made, show it to us please?

  9. TOO CUTE! That would have been a perfect card for that cruise we took!

  10. So adorable!! I have a niece that loves mermaids and ocean creatures – and wants to grow up to work as a marine biologist and let me tell you, she would LOVE this!

  11. Humm, never thought about the embossing. It really added a lot to the card, with out making it too busy. What a great idea. Love the sand font…

  12. FUN! I like your little sea creatures! The googly eyes are a great touch 😀

  13. Great card Sandy. I just got back from Myrtle Beach last night and I need to make this card as a thank you to my friend. Love it.

  14. Love the critters! I have (only a tiny bit left now ;/) a sheet of shiny blue “waves” that would be perfect for the cardstock for this design! Wish I had more! Where did you find the Feetish font? I’d love to have it!

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