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This is an acrylic sheet that was engraved with my KNK Groove-E using the green capped engraving tool. I used these setting: Velocity = 600 and Force =140.

In KNK Studio, you send the image to the cut window and before you cut, right click on the Banner Fill icon. Then, make the following settings; Pen Diameter = .02000, Fill Style = S-Sweep, Fill Overlap = .01500 75% and Fill Angle = 45. Don’t think that I am super brilliant, LOL, the honor is for Sandy who taugh me that in the Tampa Retreat. THANK YOU SANDY, AGAIN I love the results.


After I engraved everything, I painted with acrylic and fabric paint. The glitter is glue it with decoupage medium glue.

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    • This a great tutorial! Think I’ll use acrylic on some Christmas Cookies Boxes I am making and put a message on the opening – OH, that means I need to order an engraving tool immediately! Thanks,
      love all the ideas you give me to create!

  1. Omayra, I have to agree with Sandy! I love the way you have taken engraving to another level. Once again, you are one step ahead of me, as I haven’t tried engraving….yet! The combination of paint with engraving is intriguing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This has my wheels going. I have so many albums that currently have very boring plain covers!

  3. WOW I love ALL these ideas! Still would like to know how, whoever it was that made the engraved coasters (I think they were coasters?) at the Denver retreat managed to engrave GLASS! With a MACHINE! I’ve still not wrapped my mind around that one. And am still wishing I could find the pattern for the black spider and the foam (or was it some sort of plastic?) faced “person that was on display there? Been trying all afternoon/evening to use mtc to scan in a pattern from a stencil for a lantern, caroling lantern that is, and so far only managed to do the handle by using shapes and joining them together ;/

    • Hi Joan, The coasters at the Denver retreat were glass etched – not engraved – by Lynn Keniston who just posted the etched chip and dip bowls this week. The engraved item at the Denver retreat was the CD name tag that you wore around your neck. The mountains were engraved on a KNK Maxx on those name tags. If you have a picture of the other items you are talking about, please email me privately and I’ll see if I can help you.

      • Judy, thank you so much for answering! Now the etching I can figure out, engraving is beyond me LOL
        Not sure right now where I’ve put the few pics I managed to take at the’s been a long day, and I’ll have to have a full day to search through all my files to see if I can find them. The spider, I think “could” be done with even an origami folded “box” with black pipe cleaners for legs…not sure about the “head” or “face” part though. I’ll look and thank you for offering.

      • Oh and Lynn did an EXCELLENT job on those coasters, as did whoever did the stitching on the tote bags! Thank you…I’m soooo happy my bag arrived home safely! LOL

  4. Cool! I just engraved a monogram on acrylic cover for a wedding album I made for the newlyweds. It was one of the reasons I decided to get a KNK Maxx…my other cutter wouldn’t be able to keep up with the force it needs.
    Great Job on the cover! Ü TFS Omayra!

  5. Very creative thinking. i’d never have guessed at how you did that, let alone with the KnK!

  6. Great job, Omayra. I love the colors you chose. That glitter really adds bling to the cover too.
    Very creative. Keep those projects coming.

  7. Another great inspirational project! Love seeing the before and after. You did a fabulous job!

  8. this is the coolest idea. Can not wait to try it…….thinking it might be great with winter scene???

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