A White Wedding

Good Morning Fellow KnK-ers!

I have a family wedding approaching so today I have a wedding card to share with you, I chose a wedding cake design and although it is an all white card I picked card and paper with lots of shine and texture. I have included the cut files I created for today’s card at the end of the post if you would like to re-create it 🙂

The picture below shows all of the pieces you will need to cut with your chosen KNK machine, I cut mine with Make the Cut and my Zing:

  • 1 sheet of A4/letter sized card scored down the middle
  • 1 copy of swirly frame 9 and its backing layer (cut file below) sized to fit the folded A4/letter card base
  • 1 rectangle panel and backing layer to fit inside the swirly frame
  • 1 copy of the wedding cake and stand (cut file below)
  • Several copies of the flower and leaf (cut file below)

wedding cake & stand card 1

I cut my flowers and leaves from vellum to make them look delicate, I shaped each petal with an embossing stylus on a soft mat which encourages them to curl upwards:

wedding cake & stand card 2

Once I have shaped the petals I run the stylus around the center of the flower and it magically cups the flower:

wedding cake & stand card 3

To finish my flowers, I tuck one of the flower layers inside another with a little wet glue then pop a flat backed pearl in the middle. I ran my embossing stylus down the center of each leaf and glued them behind some of my flowers:

wedding cake & stand card 4

I stuck my swirly frame to it’s backing layer with some tape in the middle and some wet glue at the edges. For the top layer of my rectangle panel I chose a patterned vellum, I attached it to its backing layer with a small piece of double sided tape being careful to place it behind where the cake will sit then I stitched the 2 layers together:

wedding cake & stand card 5

I folded my card base and glued all of my wedding cake pieces together, I chose some shimmery card to represent the ribbon sections:

wedding cake & stand card 6

As all of my elements were prepared, my card came together in moments. I attached my 2 panels to the card base with lots of 3d foam tape then I attached my cake directly to the rectangle panel as the flowers give a lot of dimension. Here’s how my cards looks when it is finished:

wedding cake & stand card 7

Although this is an all white card, I hope this close up shows how using different textures, translucency and shimmer can add a great deal of interest to a project.

wedding cake & stand card 8

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post, if you would like to see more projects I have created with my Zing and access my free cut files you can find my blog here: www.birdscards.com

Here are the Cut Files for today’s project:

Swirly Frame 9 by Bird

Swirly Frame 9 Cut File by Bird

Wedding Cake & Stand by Bird

Wedding Cake & Stand Cut File by Bird

Flower & Leaf by Bird

Flower & Leaf Cut File by Bird

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  1. I have to tell you that I am one of your biggest fans. I really look forward to making this card. The wedding will be in June and I know that they will love it.

  2. you have done it again! have been a big fan of yours for quite a while, since I got my first cutter. beautiful card, thank you for sharing this and all your wonderful files.

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  6. What a gorgeous card! You are so generous to share your files and they are always so beautiful. Thank you

  7. Beautiful card, and you have definitely demonstrated the benefit of using texture for impact. Tfs

  8. Bird, this card is absolutely gorgeous…thank you for the detailed instructions, so appreciated!!

  9. What a beautiful card and thank you so much for sharing your files with us. I do have one question…did you “sew” the two layers together?

    • I didn’t hand sew although it works just as well, I actually used my sewing machine. I used it to attach the vellum to its backing layer only. Vellum can be so tricky to adhere to things without showing the glue or sticky tape used so sewing is my favourite way to get around that problem 🙂

  10. Oh my …. all you projects are great, but you really outdid yourself on this one. Beautiful!

  11. My goodness, you never cease to amaze me with your lovely creations and your generosity to us.
    Thank you so much.

  12. What a gorgeous card! Perfect for some of the upcoming weddings that I have in the next few months… Thank you so much for sharing.

  13. Spectacular! Your talent is boundless and absolutely leaves me in awe! Thank you so much for generously sharing your creations!

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  15. Wow, wow, wow! Bird this is stunning! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and your beautiful files with us! ~Diane

  16. This card is gorgeous. I love the attention to detail. Althought it is all white, I found myself shocked at how beautiful it was – the embellishments and different papers really make the card. I did wonder at the dimensions of the card? Is this card mailable? and how big would the envelope have to be? Thanks for sharing the card and files, Bird. It is truly stunning.

    • It’s an A5 sized card which is half the size of an A4 or letter sheet, here in the UK we would have to send it as a large letter which does cost a little more but I will be hand delivering it. It is also quite easy to get A5 sized envelopes here too but sorry, I don’t know about abroad.

  17. Spectacular, I see it in a shadow box with the invitation or wedding photo on the other side.

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  23. I love this card and am scraplifting it right now (if that is OK). I know you said the overall dimension of the card but can you tell me what size you cur the cake and the flowers?
    Thanks so much

    • of course it is ok, you are more than welcome to recreate it 🙂 The cake measures 4.5 inches tall on my card, basically I sized it to fit the widest part (the cake stand) just inside the rectangle panel. The flowers are aprrox 3/4″ but I sized some slightly larger and some slightly smaller so they grew bigger as they progress down the cake, I hope that makes sense 🙂

  24. Thanks for the files and also the tips with vellum. It seems to be a bit tricky to work with and you seem to have mastered that. Lovely.

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  33. Dziękuję za udostępnienie plików do cięcia. karta z tortem jest przesliczna i bardzo pomysłowa. Pozdrawiam

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  42. that is absolutly beautiful just want to know what you make the flowers with there so delicate i love getting emails from you with all the files thank you

    • The flowers are made from vellum, it was a paper weight vellum but I’ve made them with a heavier weight vellum in the past and both work equally as well 🙂

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  48. Soooo beautiful, I already made one and now I don’t want to give it away! Thanks for the beautiful file as always

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    hugs and wishes

    Paula x x x

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  61. can you tell me the size you have put the flowers and leaf for a card
    thank you

    • sure, they are approx 3/4 of an inch, the ones at the top of the cake are slightly smaller and the ones further down maybe slightly larger 🙂

  62. Thanks can’t wait to try them. Your cards are so beautiful, you are so talented.

  63. Thank you so much, you have helped me make up my mind about buying my cutting machine. I’ve been on the fence between the Zing and the Silhouette Cameo and after this tutorial, it’s to be the Zing hands down. Thanks again.

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