A Spin on Greeting Cards

Several months ago, my friend and fellow KNK enthusiast, Lynn Keniston, saw an idea for using a spinning platform in a greeting card.  The idea is that as the card is opened, an object that you want to present to the person opening the card is on a pop-up platform inside the card.  Not only did the platform pop-up, but it also turned 90 degrees to present the object.  Lynn was fascinated by this concept and went to work to figure out how it could be adapted for cutting with our KNK electronic cutters.  During the process of adapting, testing, and re-working the platform, she sent it to me so I could help.  Lynn deserves the majority of the credit for taking the idea and making into a file that we can use on our KNK cutters.  She has  generously allowed me to use this spinning platform for the cards in my post today.  On Friday, you will see how she has used the platform for her creations.

From the outside a card with a spinning platform looks like any other greeting card.  Depending on the object on the platform, it could be a bit thicker and/or lumpier than a card without a platform.  I had an idea of what I wanted to put inside my card and what I wanted to say on the outside of the card but spent many hours seaching for what I considered just the right graphic to go with the words.  This is the front of the card.

Inside the card on the platform is a pair of earrings.  Hopefully, it would be a surprise to the person opening the card.

A look inside the card as it begins to open shows that the platform is sideways and faces the inside of the front of the card.

As the card is opened more you can see that the platform is turning and beginning to pop-up.

Since the process of assembling and using the spinning platform is a bit of a challenge to depict with printed words and pictures, I decided to try my hand at creating a video to show how it is done.  There is a link at the end of this post to the video on YouTube.

In the process of creating the video, I made another card which has a different kind of object on the platform.  Again, the front of the card looks like just another greeting card.

The inside of the card has a print of a picture of the earth taken from space.  In keeping with the words inside the card, there is an eyelet in the center of the picture and a brad through the eyelet into a piece of cardstock mounted on the spinning platform such that the “world” really can go “’round”.

The spinning platform looks like the picture below.  The red and green lines are the fold lines.  A diagram of the spinning platform is shown in the second picture below.


The file for the spinning platform and a file for a printable version of the diagram are available here:

Spinning Platform Files

The video is available here:

KNK Spinning Platform for Greeting Card

Check back on Friday to see Lynn’s post.


8 thoughts on “A Spin on Greeting Cards

  1. What an intro for my cards on Friday! As you know, I absolutely love your ideas for using the platform! Thanks especially for making the video. There is really no better way to explain how to make it. Kudos to you!

  2. Oh NEAT! I’ll be making one of these babies soon! 😀

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the file, Judy!

  3. @judy OH wow I am sooo jealous..I can’t even get my silly zing to cut out anything fancy or intricate at all, no matter what blade or setting etc I use, and here you are doing this! VERY nice! Thanks for showing me this :). I would kill to make something like that, but I’d settle for an intricate butteryfly LOL

  4. So cute! I love “action” cards. Thank you Judy and Lynn for sharing the files and the instructions!

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