Simple Thanks

Now is the season of weddings, graduations, transitions.  Giving gifts.  Sending thank you cards (if you have been schooled in politeness).  Why do so many thank you cards have to be bland and innocuous?

These are the thoughts that were running through my head when I designed this simple thank you card for an elementary school teacher.  Rather than give an end of year gift that might get re-gifted or take up space, we gave these cards, which will get put to good use.

Each  card uses two half sheets of different colored paper.  I used simple card stock and vellum for these.  Only one piece, the outside,  gets run through the cutter, the inside is blank and easiest to cut on a paper cutter and run through your score tool.

The design shown below is very simple.  But you can embellish by using different fonts, designs and papers.  Just make sure your papers are of similar weights.  This can be really fun if your outer paper has coordinating designs printed on both sides!  Remember to keep the inner paper solid, so that it can be written on.


Here is how to make one.

First, figure out your card’s size.  I made mine from half sheets.  To have overlap on each side in different colors I made the outside of my card with the cut design 1 inch shorter than the back of the card.  I made the inner solid piece  1 inch shorter in the back.   Here’s the math:

  • total card was 51/2 wide by 4 1/4 tall
  •  each sheet was a total of 5 1/2 x 7 1/4
  •  Outside that was die cut was 3″ in the front and 4 1/4 in the back
  • Inside that is blank was 4 1/4 in front, and 3″ in back
  • Glued together, total card was 5 1/2 by 4 1/4 tall

Begin by designing your outside using the dimensions above, or something equivalent.  Design the front of your card first.  It will look best if you make an irregular edge as it will be shown off against the inner paper.  In my case, I repeated the wave motif.  If you add text, be sure to “stencil” it so that you don’t loose your inner shapes.  Next, measure up about 1/4 inch from the bottom of your outer back piece, and type your message (I used the teacher’s name).  Make this about 1/2 inch tall.  Flip the text so that when you fold it in half, the text will read properly.  You should have 1/4″ margin above the text message (or design, it doesn’t have to be text) once you place the inner sheet in place.


Cut and score your inner solid (non-cut) sheet.  You DO NOT need to score your outer sheet.  Next you put spray adhesive on the wrong side of the outer sheet.  Lay your outer sheet with the bottom message side correctly facing up.  Using a piece of waste paper (boy, don’t we have a lot of that!) cover the message along the bottom to just a 1/2″ above to make sure that no spray adhesive adheres to it.  Spray rest of sheet with adhesive.  Remove waste paper.  Take the inner sheet, and lay the 3″ side just 1/4″ above the bottom message section of your outer sheet and match edges.  Your inner sheet will extend beyond the front section of your outer sheet by 1″.  Brayer.


Using your score mark from your inner sheet, carefully fold your card.  The outer sheet will naturally follow.


Have left over “waste”?  Don’t let it go to waste!  Make some other cards with it.


18 thoughts on “Simple Thanks

  1. Written thank yous are so special and it is too bad more young people aren’t taught the importance of them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very clever card idea. I just got some double sided paper and will make a card like yours. Thank you so much for the lovely idea.

  3. Awesome. Love the fish. So neat and I really like it when you open it up and it’s is addressed to the person. Special touch. TFS

  4. Looks great and any chance you want to share the file? It looks like our school logo! I would love to make some of these Thank you’s for my kids teachers!

  5. Nice idea because teachers often get ‘stuff’ they have no use for. They can always use cards. Personalizing them is nice also.

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