A Pizza Valentine

Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, I want to share one of my favorite Valentine cards of the ones I have made.  I made the original one several years ago for my husband.  I cut all of the lettering out of card stock because I wasn’t aware of the “magic of vinyl”.  Today I made an updated version and used vinyl and adhesive holographic film for the wording and one of the elements.  The front of the card looks like this:


Rather than making a 3D box which would pose problems if you tried to put it into an envelope, I decided to make a card which gave the impression of a pizza box with the back portion being larger than the front.  The edges of both the back and front were chalked with dark brown.  The words “Cupid’s Pizza” are cut from the Oracal 631 wall vinyl and the words “for My Valentine” were cut from a self-adhesive holographic film.  The holographic film has a graphic of different sized hearts on it but it is difficult to see that when it is used for words.  The “Cupid’s Pizza” was a challenge to cut since it is so small.  In the future, if I make another one of these cards, I would probably opt to have my KNK Maxx write those words with a Sharpie type pen.

When you open the card this is what you see:


 This is a card within a card.  I wanted the person opening the card to see a heart shaped pizza but didn’t want any message on the pizza itself.  I decided that the card within a card was how I would accomplish that.  The ‘tomato sauce’, ‘cheese’, and ‘peperoni slices’ were all cut from card stock and then chalked and assembled to resemble a pizza.   When the pizza card is opened you see the message

All of the elements inside here are cut from the self-adhesive holographic film.  The back of the pizza card is attached to the back of the box card so they will stay together and the pizza card will be in place when the box card is opened.  Using my KNK Maxx and the KNK Studio software makes it easy to create fun cards like this.

The files in .KNK, .PDF, and .MTC formats to create this card plus the custom-sized envelope are available in the link below.  Thanks Sandy for creating this link.

Pizza Box Card and Envelope




40 thoughts on “A Pizza Valentine

  1. Great idea. Love the card within a card idea. Trying to get all my Valentine things done this week while I can still use both hands.

      • Not today, but I had to consider it, after viewing this tasty card 🙂 I actually really like the faux 3D look you’ve created.

        • It’s amazing what just a little chalk can do to give a couple of flat pieces of paper some dimension. Thanks again, Chad!

    • Thanks, Tam! I had fun making it. I like the play on words and the holographic film is a lot of fun and cuts much like viny.

    • Thanks, Nancy!! Glad you like it. Using vinyl and the holographic film for the words really makes it easier.

  2. Very clever idea. I am far behind I can’t get my mind on Valentine’s Day. Thanks for sharing and for sharing the file.

    • Thank you, Lynn! You are welcome. Hope you have a chance to make one for Valentine’s Day.

  3. What a creative valentine’s card. I think most men would like this better than a froofroo card!

    • Thanks, Brenda! Sometimes I think the guys just don’t want to admit that they are touched by some of the more sentimental things.

  4. Another one of your great original creations! Thanks for sharing the files. This card is very unique. Vinyl has become a necessity …since we have the KNK.

    • Thank you, Lynn! Enjoy using the files. I don’t know how I made things without vinyl – well, yes, I do, it was painful!

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