A great plaque, a sad story

I hesitated sharing this story because it is not pretty. But if it makes one person extra cautious when going through a divorce it is worth sharing.

My niece started selling real estate with the same company as my son-in-law so he became her mentor. My niece lives in the same town that she ¬†grew up in and she has 3 kids and was a teacher for a period of time so she knows a lot of people. One of these friends was her first “sale”. The couple had 3 kids, the eldest was about the same age as my nieces eldest who is 11. My son in law said they were the nicest family. So they bought the house and moved in. My niece had me make this sign for the family.

A few months later the husband was arrested for domestic abuse. The wife filed for divorce, the husband got out on bond. Long story short, he went for supervised visitation with his kids and as his wife dropped off the kids he killed her in front of his parents and then committed suicide. Domestic abuse happens every day, in every walk of life. Leaving is the most dangerous time.







red capped blade

force 36

speed 500

The sign is 12×18. It was stained with a gray wood stain and allowed to dry for several days. The laurel wreath design is from My Vinyl Designer. It was cut using my 15″ KNK MAXX and applied to the board using clear transfer tape.


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Hi. My name is Nancy and I live in Wisconsin. I have been married to Sam for 44 years and I am mom to 5 grown children. I also have 2 grandchildren , Gavin 12 and Hailey 9. We live in the country and have 2 dogs, a cat. I love making cards and paper piecing. I also enjoy making tiles.

3 thoughts on “A great plaque, a sad story

  1. That is a very sad story that happens frequently. So sad reading this story. By the way, your project looks sooooo BEAUTIFUL!

  2. A very lovely plaque but a very tragic story. We hear about this way too often. Thanks for sharing.

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