Baby plaques

IMG_1003 A friend of mine recently became Grandma to twin boys! Although they were 8 weeks early and spent a month in the hospital they are now home and doing fine.
The plaques were so easy to make. They are 6×6 wood plaques which you can buy at places like Hobby Lobby. I painted it white and then sprayed it with a matte finish. The border was made by simply making a circle and using the array feature to make it into a square border. The font is PC Dazzle.


I also welcomed a new great niece, Lucia. Her plaque was even simpler. Just circles randomly placed and I used 1 snappy DNA and date prime1 fonts for the name and date. It is so much fun to make personalized gifts, especially when every one seems to be searching for unusual names for their newborns. All of the lettering and embellishments are cut from vinyl, which is available at, and were cut using my KNK 15″ Maxx. I usually use about 38 pressure and 250 for speed when cutting indoor vinyl. If it is a large piece of vinyl I slow it down to 150.











31 thoughts on “Baby plaques

  1. Nancy – another great idea using vinyl. New moms and grandmoms especially love getting personalized gifts.

  2. This is a great idea! The very last thing I did before coming and seeing your idea was to read an e-mail announcing the arrival of a baby. I think a trip to the craft store is in order!

    • I love these!! The font is perfect for them too. Does Anyone know of a free font that is similar to the PC Dazzle?

  3. Thanks everyone. I use to make counted cross stitch birth records for newborns in the family. They took weeks to complete. So using the KNK and being able to make a gift in minimum time is wonderful!

  4. Love your baby plaques, Nancy. Such a simple idea but what a wonderful keepsake. Keep those great ideas coming.

  5. It is so nice to see so many people checking out Team KNK and leaving comments. When you look at the baby plaques they are just and circles, but it is so cute. Just think what we can make with a little imaginaton.
    Thanks to each of you for supporting Team KNK!

  6. These plaques made a wonderful gift. What a great remembrance of the occasion. Love th fonts you chose.

  7. I love that we can go back and see projects from the past to get inspired for today, but so many times the photos are not here anymore…well I still love the directions I can use my imagination to fill in the frames. Thank you, debi

    • Debi, something happened a while back and we lost pictures. I guess we need to try to replace them, thanks for the reminder.

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