Vinyl Tile and Greeting Card

A friend asked me to make a tile for her friends wedding, the catch was I had one day and one picture. I had just purchased a frames and border set from and decided to use one of the frames as the main part of the tile. I used double sided tape to attach the picture to the tile and then set the vinyl on top of it, a nerve wracking ordeal when you only have one photo. I used my KNK Maxx to cut the design. The font used was my favorite Robo Passion Conflict.


I then decided to make a matching card using the same frame files from My Vinyl Designer and Robo Passion Conflict font. The paper is a white coredinations gemstone paper. The vinyl lettering on this card is amazing, parts of it are whisper thin.

21 thoughts on “Vinyl Tile and Greeting Card

  1. I’ve loved all the shares here! This one isn’t a disappointment either! Great job Nancy! I’ve obtained so many great ideas from the awesome team here at Team KNK! Thanks to each of you!

  2. Beautiful!!! You have made them something that they should treasure always. I never would have thought of putting a photo on a tile. Great idea! Vinyl is so nice to work with and your projects show it off so well.

    • Sandy, I use a mechanical pencil to draw lines, either to center or line up a border depending on the tile. Kylee had told us at the retreat to clean the surface with rubbing alcohol before applying vinyl. So once I clean the tile,draw my lines, and get the vinyl applied I use the alcohol wipe to go lightly over the pencil lines and they disappear.

  3. This looks REALLY nice! The detail is awesome. I guess this is where vinyl is so perfect for this type of application. Thanks, Nancy!

    • Another great project by Nancy. It just amazes me all her great work and all that she gets accomplished. Love to look at your blog. Thanks for your ideas. Pam

  4. Nancy, both of these are awesome! This is one lucky couple to have their special occasion memorialized with your special talents and ideas. Everything about the card and tile are so so professional looking.

  5. Nancy, I absolutely LOVE your tile and card!! I loved the font you used on the card so much that I went and purchased it!! I’m sure the recipients will totally love it.

  6. Where do you get your free fonts because I’m not finding the font you mention using for free. Thanks!

  7. Nancy, the tile and card are both gorgeous. I follow your blog and love how you use vinyl on your cards. You’re very creative. I never would have thought to put a picture on a tile.

  8. I love the idea of putting a picture on a tile. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. This is a beautiful gift! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thanks Deb! I am not that creative, it was just putting together things I already had. The hardest part is aligning the photo and the vinyl with out “screwing up. ” :O)

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