A Different Kind of Gift Card

Last Christmas I made many Mug Mats for gifts using a set of embroidery designs from KimberBell designs.  At that time I was aware that the CD contained SVG files that would have allowed me to cut my applique fabrics on my 15″ Maxx Air but I did not use them.  With the announcement of the Force, I realized that I could use those SVG files to create unique “Gift Cards”.

Here is a picture of two of the seasonal mug mats I made.


This is a picture of the “Gift Cards” that I made that include the Mug Mats as part of the cards.



Cardstock in various colors

Thin plastic sheets to fit inside the frame for the Mug Mat.

Double Sided Adhesive Tape

Craft Glue

Embroidered Mug Mats

Holographic and Metallic vinyl


15″ Maxx Air

Cutting cardstocks – Blade: red cap standard material blade,  Force: 72 – 75, Speed: 80, 25 PIN

Cutting Vinyl – Blade: red cap standard material blade, Force: 14, Speed: 80, 25 PIN


The card is constructed from two pieces of cardstock.  The larger one is the card base and the smaller one is the frame that is attached to the card front.  The thin plastic sheet is taped to the inside of the frame before it is folded on the score lines.  The folds are made, the mug mat placed inside the frame.  The corners the frame are glued together where they overlap.  Double sided tape is placed around the outside edges of the front of the card.  The assembled frame is poisitoned on the front of the card and secured with the double sided tape.  A small note is attached to the flap about removing the mug rug from the card.


Sticker-Optimized (2)

I used the SVG files that correspond to the mug rug to cut cardstock images to be placed on the inside of the cards.  Words were cut from vinyl and added to the inside of the cards.


The frames are approximately 1/4″ thick as shown in the photo below.


The file for the card and attached frame can be found here Picture Frame Card_JudyKay



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