A day to remember

I was looking through my photos on my camera and came across this photo.

The story behind it is amazing. A young mom was on her way to work and her car slid off the road into the icy water. Another driver happened to witness it and stopped to help. The car had flipped so that it was upside down in the river, the mom trapped inside. 2 more cars stopped and in all 3 men, Hoppe, Effenberger, and Grover braved the cold water and worked for 20 minutes to free the young mom. Because it took so long to free her they were worried that although they had “saved” her she may end up having significant brain damage from lack of oxygen.The mom not only survive but had no significant damage. I wanted to do something to honor the 3 men but also to make something that would remind all 4 people involved of that day. Under each monogram letter and just above the full last name is the date 9.22.2015 as a subtle reminder of that blessed day.


12×12 ceramic tile from Home Depot


Clear transfer tape


15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

Force 36

Speed 400

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Hi. My name is Nancy and I live in Wisconsin. I have been married to Sam for 44 years and I am mom to 5 grown children. I also have 2 grandchildren , Gavin 12 and Hailey 9. We live in the country and have 2 dogs, a cat. I love making cards and paper piecing. I also enjoy making tiles.

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  1. Waow, what horrible moment but thank God with a Great ending. That is an Awesome project and a Beautiful act on your behalf. They are heroes!!!!

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