{Maxx and Webkinz birthday party swag

Okay, so I had a Halloween project all planned out for my post this month and well, I sort of didn’t pay attention to my calendar and didn’t realize today was my day! Blasphemy!!!!

So pretend you are looking at a picture of my cool Haunted House…


See? Isn’t it pretty?

Instead I bring you something else. Something I’ve never shown anyone anywhere before. I’ll confess it isn’t a new project, but since Mr. Maxx was an integral part of making the day the success it was, here you go…

A couple years ago my daughter begged me to have a webkinz themed birthday party. Do you know what these things are? They are crazy expensive stuffed animals and you get a code and you can play a bunch of games online with your virtual webkinz. I had a hard time justifying spending $15 for stuffed animals, so I made my daughter save her pennies and buy them herself. Well, now she has 100 of these things.

Frankly, I would have saved the money and took a trip to Hawaii. But she tells me, “Well, YOU spent the money on your KLIC N’ KUT that you could have taken a trip to Hawaii.” To which, I said TouchΓ©.

Because while I would like a trip to Hawaii, really I would, I don’t think I’d be without my Klic n’ Kut.

Okay, so without further babbling, here is my project:

I found the graphics online and you know how um, cruddy (notice how I didn’t use the word I normally use) the quality of online graphics can be, and traced them into KNK Studio:

I cut the letters out and pasted them on a piece of white card stock and displayed them around the backyard. The dog was paper pieced and then stamped with hearts. These turned out to be a huge hit because many of the girls asked if they could take them home at the end of the party.

One of the games we played was guess how many gum balls were in the jar. I picked up this jar at the dollar tree and used Maxx to make a vinyl stencil and then put etching cream on the glass. I don’t know if you can see it very well in the picture, but it’s etched with webkinz.

I was really glad I took a picture of it when it did, because unfortunately it broke when the winner of it accidentally dropped it. Gumballs went everywhere. She was so upset because she wanted to keep it forever. Luckily I had a back up (read: it was kind of messed up so I made another one, but the little winner didn’t care).

After the girls were done playing assorted games, they spent their webkinz cash they won in a store where they could buy little trinkets for a set amount of money. I think this was the favorite part of the whole party.

For a grand prize, the girl with the most webkinz cash, I made this:

I used Maxx to make the stencil out of vinyl and then painted it with pink paint. I also outlined the letters with a puffy paint pen. I’m not the best artist so I’m a little embarrassed about showing you the closeup:

I guess WordPress doesn’t want me to show you the picture because it won’t let me add it. Let me try again:


Hmm. Well. It won’t let me add it. I’ll go ahead and publish this and see if I can add it later.


There it is. I was having a bit of an internet problem I guess. I got lucky I saved my post before it crashed.

I hope it’s okay that I steered away from Halloween a bit. I was really excited because it’s my favorite holiday of the year, but maybe I can show it next month. I can’t wait to see what you are making with your machines! I wanted to show you my iPhone card (in honor of the new iPhone release) but the picture isn’t on this computer πŸ™ πŸ™ I’ll find it at home and post it on my blog.


edit: Just a gentle reminder that I do respect copyright and I only used these images for personal use so unfortunately I can’t share the files.

26 thoughts on “{Maxx and Webkinz birthday party swag

  1. I love all your projects, especially the little dog. Sounds like it was a really fun party and a big hit.

  2. LOL I love how you placed a few extra spaces in there for the haunted house LOL!!

    I’ve never heard of webkinz before, but it looks like the swag turned out awesome. Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  3. Isn’t it fun to be able to play with our KNK’s AND make a dream party! Everything you made for the party was awesome, I am glad that you had a back up candy jar!

  4. I love it when you post, so funny! great project though… and the haunted house project is gorgeous πŸ˜›

  5. very fun. Isn’t it nutz how kids glom onto these themes? I wonder what the next webkins wonder will be. Great multiple use of a single theme, Deb

  6. LOL Deb!!! You do have the BEST stories!! I would just love to be around you while you’re creating your projects. I bet the girls had a blast!

    • you would hear words that I can’t repeat here if you were around when I’m creating stuff. I’ve learned to turn the music out so no one hears my potty mouth.

  7. I love how we have the ability to create just about anything with our cutters and software. Looks like an awesome party.

  8. What fun for the girls. I loved all your Webkinz stuff and am LOOKING FORWARD to seeing the Haunted House even if it is AFTER Halloween. I love Halloween and am always looking for new Halloween ideas.
    Thanks for sharing your alternative project but I’m not letting you off the hook for your Halloween project.

  9. Love the webkinz carnival idea! When I was little I remember going to a party “carnival”, to this day when I pass the house I think of it with fondness. I have forgotten the family but I still remember the “carnival”!

    Great Job!

  10. Wow! What a creative party! Great job on the cutouts! I love that you had games and store where they could redeem points.

  11. We have been the Webkinz party route with my grandkids before I got my Maxx. After looking at your party pics I can see how my Maxx would have made the decorations so much better. We didn’t think of the store, but we did have a WOW wheel which would have been so much better if I had had a Maxx also. Thanks for sharing.

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