Baby Clothesline Shower Card

Edited. IMG_8308_3937

This card is a favorite of mine to make.  It just so happens this year I have been making it a lot since it seems to be the year of the baby.  I first made this card over a year ago and since then I have discovered how to embellish it more and more.  Everyone I have given this card to has loved it.  One of my friends guessed it was from me before she even read the inside.

KNK Zing
Standard Blade (Red Cap)
Double-sided Scrapbooking Adhesive Tape
Recollections cardstock
Scrapbook paper
Embroidery floss
Hot glue
Foam glue dots
Embossing folders
Tim Holtz distress ink(Walnut stain and Broken china)
Mini clothes pins

Recollections Cardstock:
Force:  65
Offset:  .25
Passes:  1
Blade height:  25 post-it notes
Speed:  10/10

Scrapbook paper:
Force:  50
Offset:  .25
Passes:  1
Blade height:  25 post-it notes
Speed:  10/10


  1.  I created a file using basic shapes, shapes from the MTC gallery, and found a saying on-line.
  2.  I cut all my shapes out and print and cut the saying and the name for the front.          Edited. IMG_8301_3930
  3. Fold your card and place the saying piece inside the card using the Double-sided Scrapbooking Adhesive Tape
  4.  Embossing the clothes line posts and the onesies adds a cute little touch then distress inking the posts and the clouds make them really stand out.          Edited. IMG_8303_3932
  5. I used the Double-sided Scrapbooking Adhesive Tape to attach the blue sky and the clothes line poles but don’t pull the backing completely off the poles.       Edited. IMG_8304_3933
  6.  Place the grass at the bottom using the Double-sided Scrapbooking Adhesive Tape
  7.  Place the embroidery floss under the poles and pull the backing off to secure the embroidery floss ends under the poles.  Tie two small bows out of floss and hot glue them to the poles in-line with the “clothesline.”      Edited. IMG_8305_3934
  8.  Place the foam glue dots on the back of the clouds and place them wherever you see fit.
  9. Using mini clothes pins attach the onesies to the clothes line.                Edited. IMG_8308_3937

2 thoughts on “Baby Clothesline Shower Card

  1. Love this adorable card! I need to do more paper things (I’m a rhinestone and vinyl girl)! But this would be a great one to make! My friend and niece just got married so I may just start a few of these to have “in case” ?

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