6 more days…


So if you need a last minute gift, this is an easy and fun one you can make with your KNK machine and some vinyl. I got the cookie tray at the dollar store. The ones I saw on Pinterest were made with silver trays, but all I had was this black one, so I used it and I think the shiny gold vinyl looks really good on it. When my parents owned a sign shop, they gave me a huge roll of it and I’ll probably be using it for the rest of my life.


So all I did was measure the tray and then create the title and numbers in Make the Cut. It was easy peasy lemon squeezy.


I stuck a magnet to the bottom of one of those little gift boxes and now I have an easy count down to Christmas that the kiddos and adults will love.


I didn’t realize my cookie tray had a dent in it until after the photographic evidence showed me it was there. Ah well, it will still serve its purpose.


The Details

Machine Used: KNK Maxx 24″

settings: 30, 250

Software: Make the Cut

Vinyl: gold leaf and red from my parents’ sign shop

Fonts: MTF Dear Santa: the christmas tree dingy, the ornament on the “C” (free)

LDJ Fungle: “countdown” (not free)

LDJ Martian Mania: the numbers (not free)

Mountains of Christmas: the Christmas title (free)

I really wanted to share this file with you, but then I had to go and use paid-for fonts and the Lettering Delights people might get a little mad at me. And then I thought cookie cutters come in so many sizes that it might not be useful to share the file anyway.

P.S. A cool tip: cut out the numbers where you want them placed on the tray. Don’t cut them out individually. It uses more vinyl, but I was able to lay all the numbers down in one shot and they were aligned because I had aligned them in make the cut. (When entering the text, choose separate by space).

“See” you next year.


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