40th Birthday T-shirt

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One of my sisters-in-law turned 40 today. She had seen a T-shirt similar to this one, and because she knows that I am always looking for excuses to use my Wonderful KNK Groove-e machine, she asked me if I could make this T-shirt for her. I made a fast search for a crown and Minnie’s silhouette in the MTC gallery to design the shirt. My mind ran a little more and I wanted to embellish the crown with some rhinestones too. So the T-shirt has three different materials on it.




  • I chose a Minnie’s silhouette and a crown from MTC gallery and placed the crown as if Minnie was wearing it to determine the exact size of the image to be cut.
  • Then, as you can see on the below picture, because I wanted to add rhinestones to the design, I placed holes where the rhinestones are going to be and joined so when I cut the design it comes out with the holes to perfectly place my rhinestones. Rhinestones should be applied directly to the fabric so when you wash the garment they will stay put. I purposely created these holes because I want to conduct an experiment and see how many wash processes I can make with the rhinestones staying in place.

Camisa Post2

  • Now that I have all my designs and words cut with their respective colors it was time to add them to my T-shirt. I used a heat press machine.
  • I heated the first color (pink) for 3 seconds and then placed the gold designs (number 40 with the dots and the crown) on top and finished the heating the process with 17 more seconds.
  • Once the vinyl was heated to my T-shirt I put on the rhinestones using a Hot Fix Rhinestones setter.
  • KNK, Omayra, Rhinestones


6 thoughts on “40th Birthday T-shirt

  1. The shirt looks great, Omayra! The GlitterFlex was a perfect choice for the tiara 🙂 Nice touch with the accenting rhinestones!

  2. Very nice. I have only made about a dozen t shirts but they are so much fun! You did a great job on this shirt. :~)

  3. I love this shirt. You always do such a great job on your projects. The phrase is great. I’ve never seen that before on a 40th Birthday shirt and it so its. Thanks for sharing.

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