3D Exploding Gift card Box

A few months ago I made an exploding gift card box for my boss, who had accepted a promotion, to hold two gift cards – one of which came in an irregular shape in a velveteen bag (so it needed more space than just an envelope).  I have since been having a blast designing in 3D including “Chip the Horse” and a variety of ‘exploding’ gift boxes in all shapes and sizes.  And, boy, I was excited to put this practice to good use.  Friends of ours have a daughter who is about to leave for college, where she will be studying art.  We are giving her a Dick Blick gift card and I wanted to make something very special to present it in.  I hope you enjoy my latest project and the corresponding free file.

 First, I selected from my favorite paper.   Supplies needed:  12×12 and 6×6 matching paper, and a #2 pencil (or similar sized cylinder)

 Next, I set my Maxx blade to the paper thickness.  Since I have a hard time seeing the tiny blade tip I like to use scraps, folded in half, to test it (no, its not age, its just tired eyes).  If my blade cuts through one layer but not into the second, I know the blade is set correctly.  I loaded the 12×12 paper and used a brayer to ensure a good grip between this thick paper and my mat.  Then I made sure I set the machine properly for the ‘score lines’ in pink and sent them to ‘cut’.  And finally, I made the necessary adjustments to fully cut the blue lines.  Next, I loaded the 6×6 paper and cut the square in a square – a simple piece that doesn’t require any score lines.

Once the pieces are cut out, simply fold at the score lines.  And here is the finished product:

Now, let’s take a look at that “Explosion” I promised.


Please click on the finished product photo to download the free KNK file.  Thanks for stopping in to Team KNK!

13 thoughts on “3D Exploding Gift card Box

  1. Michelle-
    Beautiful job. I struggled too with the score line issue. Here is what I’ve done to address the score line issues, and perhaps you might want to try it. Don’t bother adjusting the knife depth after you’ve done your cuts. Just set the blade to do your final cut through all the way. Then after you’ve done your through cuts, just go back and adjust your PRESSURE on the blade to about 20% of what it was for the through cuts. Then cut your score lines. You’ll find that they don’t go through all the way, and you don’t have to take up your time with the blade adjustment again. Hope that works for you.

    • One other thing on score lines. Position your paper on your mat side up for where you want your score lines to fold IN. So the cut for the score is on the fold in side. That seems to work best. But if you have folds in multiple directions, it will work on that too. Just position side up for the side that gets the most fold in cuts. For example, on your piece above, you’d cut score lines on the large flower side (just as in your picture, the paper would be positioned on the mat.

  2. Very cool! I’ll be cutting one of these suckers out, soon! Thanks for sharing 😀

  3. This is definitely thinking “outside” the box. I love your originality and appropriateness for an up and coming artist. Thanks for sharing the files.

  4. Another great project. Thanks for sharing the file. Elizabeth’s tip on scoring was great, another easy way to accomplish score lines.

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  6. I love it. Want to try making it soon. Does the link to the cut file still work?

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