Etched Glass for a 25th Wedding Anniversary Favor

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When you own a KNK machine you can design anything easy and fabulous. Since I have this machine, I have learned to make many different and unique gifts, decorations, etc.  My husband and I will be celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary in December 2015. Yes, it is in a year and some months, but time runs very fast so I decided to start now to be prepared when the time comes. This time I decided to make a delicate frame that I will be using as a party favor. It is a personalized gift so it is perfect for the occasion.

I did this project in mirror image so the engraved part is inside the frame. I did it like that because I had the impression that because it is glass, the engraved part could have residue that could be harmful for our guess (I think that it could be just my imagination but is better to take precautions – plus I will have peace of mind, lol).

For this project we are going to use:




    • Design what you want to engrave to your frame. I used KNK Studio to design what I wanted to use in my project. In this project I created the two hearts, and the doves are a file that I imported to KNK Studio from MTC
    • I taped the glass to my mat, and arranged it so that the wheels did not touch the glass
    • After finishing with the design, I used banner fill and then did the engraving.
    • For a final touch, I cleaned everything and used a silver acrylic paint to make the design pop

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3 thoughts on “Etched Glass for a 25th Wedding Anniversary Favor

  1. This is so cool. I would never have thought of engraving on glass with the blade. Wow. I agree, the rough part should be on the inside. Great idea. Great gift.

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