25th Anniversary Main Table Decoration

post 8 1 2016

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We were celebrating the 25th Anniversary of my brother-in-law Robert and his wife Arlene. It was a small celebration but full of GREAT moments. I hope God continue Blessing this beautiful couple.

As always, I find an excuse to use my Wonderful machines, this time was not the exception.  I made a decoration for the main table celebration. It was very simple but a delicate and beautiful centerpiece.

The materials that I used for this project were:

  • KNK Force cutter machine
  • Red Cap Blade
  • Card-stock
  • Glue Gun
  • Cardboard To glue the picture of the couple
  • Glitter
  • Ribbon
  • Foam
  • Foil gift wrap Paper
  • Plastic Stairs for cakes
  • Plastic and clear tray

Settings for KNK Force:

The settings used for the Red Blade:

  • Passes = 1
  • CD = 87
  • CS =  Default-40
  • US = Default-40
  • PS = Default-20
  • LS = Default – 20
  • Blade Offset – Red Blade
  1. I cut their names using the card-stock.
  2. Then, I put glue on top of the card-stock and pour glitter on it and put it aside to dry.
  3. After that, I also cut the number 25 using the same card-stock but this time I had glued foil gift wrap paper to it.
  4. Then using the glue gun, I glued the plastic stairs to the plastic clear tray.
  5. I started to glue to the tray the number 25, two silver Doves and some small flowers that I had.
  6. With the ribbons I made a bow and put it on the top center of the plastic stairs.
  7. Then, I glued the picture to the cardboard, cut it and glued it to a foam that I had glued to the top of the plastic stairs.
  8. The foam I covered it with foil gift wrap to make it looks pretty.
  9. Finally, I glued their names to each side of the Plastic Stairs.

8 thoughts on “25th Anniversary Main Table Decoration

  1. Love it, Omayra. Just wondering if you could have cut all these same designs and things on your Groove-E?

    • Thank you for your comment, Lynn.
      Yes, you can cut exactly the same with the Groove-e. My next post is going to be a file that I cut it using both machines (I cut exactly the same files and the same cardstock on both). So do not change the channel because for my next post I will have a FREE File to try.

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