Upcycled Window – Vinyl Decals on Glass

Upcycled windows are currently popular home decor items. They can often be found for free by people replacing old windows, and I have found a few put out for trash pick-up. One of my favorite projects is decorating windows with vinyl. Upcycled Window


  1. Vintage windows
  2. Paint scraper, sandpaper, window cleaner, window glazing, razor blade (as needed).
  3. Outdoor Sign Vinyl
  4. Transfer tape
  5. Small squeegee
  6. Red Capped Blade

Settings for MTC and KNK Zling:

  1. Force – 15-20
  2. Multi-cut – 1
  3. Speed: 10


  1. Clean and prepare window as desired. I sometimes leave wood as I find it. Other times I paint and sand, often brushing on several coats of various paint colors to give it that “just right” look. (You will want to repaint if there is old, flaking lead paint.) If window glazing is loose, use a screwdriver to pull out the old glazing and replace with new.
  2. Clean the glass thoroughly, using razor a blade to clean off any old paint.
  3. Open MTC file or other file of your choice. If you’d like to use the tandem bike file, it is available in the MTC gallery.
  4. Cut and weed vinyl.
  5. Apply transfer tape.
  6. Adhere vinyl design to glass, carefully burnishing to remove bubbles.
  7. Remove transfer paper.

Worse than the F word…

is the C word, cancer. I think every single person has been touched by cancer, it is a very scary thing. Our town will be hosting a Relay for Life at the end of the month and I decided to make something and do an online auction with all money earned going to Relay for Life. With vintage windows being all the rage and the fact that I have lots of them, it seemed like the perfect choice. Shelia Irish posted a similar file on another site to share with it’s members. She saw it on another site, and so it goes. Anyhow, it was for one of those machines that use a specific type of file…don’t you hate that?  But I was able to design it in KNK Studio and use it for my window.

IMG_3829 Then I decided I wanted to make some on plaques and made this

IMG_3830 You can change the color of the ribbon, pink is for breast cancer.

I will share the file but hope that if you make it, you share at least one with someone with cancer.  I ask that, as with any file posted on this page,  you do not share the file or sell the file.   Team KNK choose hope


KNK Maxx

Red capped blade

Force 42

Speed 350



Wood plaque


Christmas Snow Decorations

Every Christmas should be different. The advantage that a person who owns a cutter machine has is that we can make any idea into reality without spending too much money. Every time that I go to the store and see something that I like before I buy it, I see if I can do it myself. When I go home and try to make it, many ideas come to my mind so I always have a very unique and different project. So before you spend a lot of money buying something that you can do by yourself, give yourself an opportunity to try it. You will be surprised to see the wonderful ideas that will come to your mind.

KNK, Omayra, Christmas

This is a really easy and simple project to decorate your windows or glass door this Christmas. The snow flake above is covered with a gift wrap from the dollar store.


Settings (Groove-e):

  • F = 48
  • V = 150


  1. If you are using a gift wrap to cover the snowflake, then you have to spray the chipboard with the glue on spray and cover the chipboard with the gift wrap before cutting the snowflake. If you just want to use glitter then put the chipboard on the mat and cut the snowflake with your cutter machine.

KNK, Omayra,

The difference in this snowflake from the first one is the glitter. I just cut the Snowflake with my cutter machine, used spray-on glue on top of it and applied silver glitter.

2.  I took the snowflakes and tied them with a fishing line, giving some distance between each of them.

KNK, Omayra,

Post Nov S

3.  Then, I took a piece of tape and stuck the fishing line to the top of the window where it is not visible. And your project is done.

Post Nov


Make your own decoration using your unique ideas and you will have a very special Christmas.

Happy Cutting!!!


She said “I do”

The wedding is over, she said “I do” and this is what she had me make for the back window of her car. It says “Today I married my brother’s best friend”, how sweet is that! I used Scriptina font and outdoor vinyl, it was very simple to do and she loved it. IMG_2428 The next was so much fun to do because it was a team effort between my daughter and I. She saw a window that she liked on Pinterest but it had butterflies and she wanted a tree. So I had a tree file that she liked…kind of…so I did some node editing until it was exactly what she wanted and then used the oval from the shapes to make the leaves. Then I duplicated the window in KNK Studio using the shape tool and once I had the window designed I placed the tree on top of it and used the ginsu knife to cut the tree to fit the window.( When I cut vinyl using my KNK Maxx I generally use a force of 36-40. )Then it was just applying the vinyl to the window. I think from start to finish it took less than an hour and we think it turned out super cute.

IMG_2409 She has since hung it in her dining area. I have about 20 windows so it was fun to actually use one of them. Enjoy the 4th of July and remember to thank the members of the military and their families for the sacrafices they make to ensure our freedom.




Office Window

I’ve mentioned this before, but I find myself blogging again that vinyl is my absolute favorite medium.  Its a joy to cut, and with the right tools it is a joy to install.  I make a lot of window and vehicle decals for businesses, but only perform the installation on about half of them.  A client recently asked me to help him solve a problem.  He and his team were occupying a new interior office built within an existing facility.  There was a clear plexi-glass window between the office and the hallway where people were constantly coming and going and sometimes people would even stop and stare in the window.  This activity was interfering with work getting done and he needed to fix it quickly.  In addition, he wanted to put a label somewhere outside the office to identify the department.  Originally, he suggested the department name be split on two different axis.  I mocked up a few layouts, and gave him some options for glass etch designs to provide privacy.

Department Title:

Glass Etch full and partial coverage (no effort on the department title here):

Now, here I was really getting creative.  I considered this as a way to provide some privacy, represent the technical nature of his department, and still allow some ability to see in and out of the window through the cut-out design.

In the end, this is what he selected (very refined looking, I think):


The Faux Glass Etch vinyl allows one to see if someone or something is on the other side of the window, but does not provide enough detail to know what they are doing.  A person a few feet away from the window is nearly invisible.

For the interior side of the window, I used Faux Glass Etch vinyl cut to specification on my KNK Maxx.  For the exterior side of the window, I used quality outdoor vinyl as the window would probably need to be cleaned frequently.  It was a very easy project to install with the options he selected, so I agreed to perform the installation. Using transfer tape for the department title, I adhered it to the window with masking tape to get the correct positioning.  Then I pulled off the backing paper from the word Service, applied the vinyl to the window, removed the backing from ADVISOR and then applied that word to the window.  For the etch vinyl, I peeled off the backing paper and lightly covered the adhesive side of the vinyl with vinyl application spray.  I was able to reposition the vinyl with ease to ensure perfect alignment within the window casing.  To finish up, I used a squeegee to remove all of the application spray and bubbles.

Application spray is simply a spray bottle of water (bottled water, not my well water) with 2-3 drops of baby shampoo in it.  I recommend using the name brand shampoo, as it seems to give better results.  I also recommend using a quality nozzle so that the spray is distributed evenly in a fine mist.  Finally, make sure your hands are very clean with no oil or lotion residue.