At the store where I work we have special events to introduce new things to our customers.  In September, we will be hosting one that features embroidery projects from a company named Kimberbell.  The ladies in charge of the event decided to give each attendee a special memento to remind them of the event.  A plastic glass was selected and I was asked to “help” create the cutting files for a vinyl design to be placed on the glass.  The design that was selected is one that will be used on a project at the event.

Materials Used:

American Crafts Adhesive Vinyl (Black)

Oracal 631 Vinyl (White and Green)

Transfer Tape

Machine Used:

KNK Force  Red Blade, Passes 1, Blade Tension 1, Cutting Depth 18, Cutting Speed 15, Overcut .42

Additional Information:

Since the entire design is not visible in the photo, here is a screen shot of the design in Make the Cut.

I made liberal use of the Shadow Layer tool in MTC to bulk up the spider’s legs and the letters.   The bow was borrowed from a built in shape in Sure Cuts A Lot and bulked up also with the Shadow Layer tool.  I’ve learned that the next time I want to have some curvy or swirly lines, I can easily draw them in SCAL rather than struggling as I did this time in MTC.

Now to teach the ladies doing the event about cutting vinyl, weeding, and using transfer tape.  Only 14 more glasses to do!

A wedding plaque

I had a special request for a sign for a wedding. It had leaves, lots of leaves, and the guests were each suppose to sign a leaf at  the reception. She sent me a Pintrest picture of what she wanted. I was able to make the leaf and the stems in shapes and then went to Layout/array and made multiple leaves and stems. I then scattered them all over the space and when I had them all where I wanted I welded them together, along with an open rectangle in the center.


I then weeded out the leaves and the center rectangle and applied it to a stained wood plaque. I painted over the areas that I had weeded and waited until the paint was fairly dry before removing the vinyl.


Here is the finished result.



transfer tape

stained wood plaque



15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

Force 36

Speed 450


Cheerful Card

I have a dear friend who recently lost the majority of the contents of her apartment due to water and smoke damage when the apartment above hers burned.  She will be moving to another apartment in the complex in a few days.  When she does I am going to send her a card I made using a file from My Scrap Chick.  They have some wonderful files and I can often find one that fits the occasion I am wanting to make a card or box or something else for.

This is the card I made for my friend – card front

Card inside

Materials Used:

Various Cardstocks

Vinyl – Oracal 631 type

Uni-ball Signo white ink pen


Machine & Blade used:  KNK Force & red capped (standard Material) Blade

Cardstocks:  Blade Tension 2, Passes 1 or 2, Cutting Depth 60 – 75, Cutting Speed 25

Vinyls:  Blade Tension 1, Passes 1, Cutting Depth 20, Cutting Speed 20


The words were handwritten with the Uni-ball Signo white ink pen.  The Firefly’s eyes, antennae, the bulb screw base and filament were cut from vinyl.  The remainder of the pieces were cut from cardstock.



And it all came tumbling down…

Last year I posted pictures of a windmill my husband put up on our property. It took him months to get it done. I personalized the tail with our name and date of our marriage. I always wished I had made it bigger but once it is 30 feet up in the air there is no going back…or so I thought. The perfect storm of a very wet spring and straight line winds and down it came.

It pulled 3 foot long cement pillars out of the ground. It was all salvageable except for the 4 bottom “feet” and the tail. So I had a chance to do it again and here it is.



paper transfer tape


15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

force 36

speed 300

I used the wet method to transfer the vinyl to the tail. You use paper transfer tape and a spray solution (Action Tac). You apply the paper tape to the vinyl and remove vinyl from the backing. Then you spray the surface with Action Tac and lay the vinyl onto the surface. The solution allows you to move the vinyl around a bit and get it exactly where you want it. Then you run a squeegee over the paper tape and it removes the solution and any bubbles. You end up with perfectly smooth vinyl and none of the annoying bubbles. Now we just need to get a boom lift to get the top back onto the 30 foot tower. My husband used 4 times the cement on each foot and says it isn’t coming down again. Let’s hope he is right!

A day to remember

I was looking through my photos on my camera and came across this photo.

The story behind it is amazing. A young mom was on her way to work and her car slid off the road into the icy water. Another driver happened to witness it and stopped to help. The car had flipped so that it was upside down in the river, the mom trapped inside. 2 more cars stopped and in all 3 men, Hoppe, Effenberger, and Grover braved the cold water and worked for 20 minutes to free the young mom. Because it took so long to free her they were worried that although they had “saved” her she may end up having significant brain damage from lack of oxygen.The mom not only survive but had no significant damage. I wanted to do something to honor the 3 men but also to make something that would remind all 4 people involved of that day. Under each monogram letter and just above the full last name is the date 9.22.2015 as a subtle reminder of that blessed day.


12×12 ceramic tile from Home Depot


Clear transfer tape


15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

Force 36

Speed 400