Turkey Place Card

It’s that time once again to gobble up some yummy ideas for your Thanksgiving Day table setting with these adorable Turkey Place Cards! Need to have the gravy passed to you? Don’t know the person’s name to ask them? You don’t have to throw a dinner roll at them and you don’t have to whistle like you’re at a football game to get their attention, just ask them by name and you’ll have the gravy on your mashed potatoes, instead of on you, in no time. So, don’t get your feather’s ruffled or anyone elses, until after desert and Uncle Larry is snoring on the recliner…ah, traditions, but I digress. These place cards were made from cardstock, except the wiggley eyes you can get at any craft store. You can also use any color combination you’d like to match your decor. Write the person’s name w/a marker pen like a Sharpe both on the front and back. Isn’t that special? Don’t forget to play it safe around the kids and food by not using glue and loose glitter because it flakes, so it’s a no no. These also make great favors for your guests to take with them. For scrapbookers, the shape will not distort when you place it on your page. Just slide the “tails” and body to one side and it will lie flat. Cool, huh? Have fun making these easy Turkey Place Cards and go ahead, get another helping of pumpkin pie! Happy Thanksgiving!

Halloween Cupcake Accents

Scary sweet and simple, these Cupcake Accents will have everyone howling for more treats! No toothpicks required! These accents have a tab at the bottom you insert into the icing – that’s it. Decorate cupcakes, cakes and pies anything that has a soft yummy surface to slide the tab in and you’re done. You can also make a small slice/slot into a surface large enough to accommodate the tab if needed. Here’s an added treat for scrapbookers – the cutting files include the same image but without the tab so it can be used to tell spooky stories about your Halloween hauntings or just sprinkle on your table.

Cut in KNK Studiio

I also designed a pumpkin notecard file:

The cupcake accents and pumpkin notecard file are sold here:

Cutting Files at I Love KNK