KNK Adds Sparkle to Patriotic Holidays

My KNK Maxx Air is the perfect helper to allow me to add some extra sparkle to the patriotic holidays.  Sandy McCauley recently posted some new rhinestone videos that explain and illustrate how to use Make the Cut and KNK Studio to add radiant and spray fills to a rhinestone design.  What a great way to get some extra sparkle and to really enhance a plain rhinestone or iron-on vinyl design!  Since Memorial Day is fast approaching and will soon be followed by Flag Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day, I decided to put my newfound knowledge to use by making a patriotic sparkle shirt for myself.  I combined the radiant rhinestone effect with letters I cut from Glitter Flex Ultra Iron-On Vinyl for an extra dose of sparkle.  The photo below shows my finished shirt.

Completed Shirt-Optimized

 Materials Used:

Glitter Flex Ultra Iron-On Vinyl

6SS Crystal Rhinestones

Rhinestone Motif Rubber (green)

Rhinestone Transfer Tape

Make the Cut Software


15″ KNK Maxx Air

To cut rhinestone rubber:  Blue blade (Thick Materials Blade), F=66, S=150, Blade Offset=0.75, Knife Point setting, 2 Passes

To cut Glitter Flex Ultra Iron-On Vinyl::  Red blade (Standard Materials Blade), F=50, S=90, Blade Offset=0.35, Knife Point setting, 2 Passes


Although I was using two different iron-on materials on my shirt, I did not want to do two separate fusing operations.  In order to accomplish this, I cut spaces for the Iron-on vinyl in the rhinestone rubber template.

Template Ready to Fill-Optimized

I then brushed my rhinestones into the template and removed any that had wandered into the letter spaces.  The letters were cut from the vinyl, weeded, and the attached backing was trimmed to about 1/16″ so it would not be on top of any of the rhinestones.  The letters were positioned into their spaces.  The remaining backing on the letters was enough to hold them into place so I could apply the rhinestone transfer tape.

Template Filled-Optimized

I applied the rhinestone transfer tape to the entire design.  Placing it over the rhinestones and the vinyl letters with the attached backing.  When I lifted the rhinestone transfer tape off of the template, I made sure to do it slowly and had to do a little bit of lifting on the vinyl letters since the backing on them was very stiff.  I placed the rhinestone transfer tape with the attached design onto the transfer tape backing sheet until I was ready to iron it on my shirt.

Ready to Iron On-Optimized

To create my radiant design I used the Rockwell Extra Bold font.  Check the sizes of the letters you plan to use since I discovered that they were not all the same height.  I used a 3mm shadow layer and spaced the rhinestones out so there was not a solid line.  The directions in Sandy’s videos are very clear and easy to follow.

If at all possible I prefer to store my vinyl, rhinestone rubber, and rhinestone transfer tape flat rather than rolled up into a tube.  If these multi-layered materials are stored rolled up they can develop bubbles or ripples when they are unrolled.

Use this link to download the files for the template and the vinyl letters.  Cutting Files-USA_Judy_Kay

Halloween Greetings Go Mobile

Before you know it, Halloween will be here.  I saw a birthday cake greeting card that was a mobile and thought that was a cute idea for a Halloween card.  Also it is a application perfectly suited for our Klic-N-Kut electronic cutters and the KNK Studio and Make The Cut software packages.  I had an image in my mind of what I wanted the finished card to look like.

Halloween Greetings Go Mobile Finished_JudyKay-Optimized  Materials Used:

Bazzill Basics Cardstock in Orange, Dark Yellow, Black, Purple, and Green

DCWV Scrapbook Paper – Halloween Print

Gold Matte Wall Vinyl

SS6 Emerald Rhinestones

Orange and Purple Holographic Adhesive Vinyl

Black Thread


15″ Klic-N-Kut Maxx Air

Red Cap Standard Material Blade

Cardstocks – Force = 60 – 70, Speed = 100, Blade Height = 25 PIN

Wall Vinyl – Force = 12, Speed = 100, Blade Height = Collar of blade holder on clamp because no mat used

Holographic Vinyl – Force = 13, Speed = 100, Blade Height = Collar of blade holder on clamp because no mat used, 2 passes


1. Cut all of the pieces for the card using the free files (link below) in the appropriate colors.  Feel free to change colors as it suits you.

Halloween Greetings Go Mobile Cut File_JudyKay-Optimized

All of the pieces that you will need are included in the file and where appropriate, they have been mirror imaged for you.  There are two of each element except the black pumpkin base.  The words and hat band buckles were cut from the various vinyls.  The words were cut from both the purple and orange holographic vinyls and placed onto the bats with the purple under and to the side of the orange to create a shadow.

2.  If desired use some brown chalk to add shading to the orange and yellow pumpkin pieces.

Note: refer to the picture above for placement during assembly.  Do not glue the assembled mirror image pieces together until instructed to do so.

3.  Assemble the two hats by gluing the hat bands on and then place the gold vinyl buckle on the band.

4.  Assemble the two bats by placing the vinyl lettering on them – using one or two colors as desired.  Affix the heat set rhinestones for eyes.

5.  Assemble the two pumpkins.  One pumpkin will have the black base as well as the yellow and orange layers.  The other one will have just the yellow and orange layers.

6.  Cut a length of black thread about 30″ long.  Fold it in half with the folded end at top.  Place a line of glue down the center of one of the assembled hats on the back side.  Lay the thread in the line of glue leaving a loop about 2″ long above the hat.  Place glue around the edges of that hat and put the second assembled hat together with the first one, carefully matching up the edges.

7.  Place a line of glue down the center of the pumpkin about an inch and a half down from the top using the pumpkin without the black base.  Lay the thread in the line of glue leaving about 1/2″ of thread between the bottom of the hat and the top of the pumpkin stem.  Cut the thread, place a line of glue in the center of the back of the pumpkin from the top of the bottom tooth to the bottom of the pumpkin.  Place the cut end of the thread in this line of glue.  If the thread were not cut it would be visible behind the nose and mouth of the pumpkin.  Place glue around the edges and openings in the pumpkin and put it together with the pumpkin with the black base, carefully matching up the edges.

8.  Place a line of glue down the center of the back of one of the assembled bats, leave about 1″ of thread between the pumpkin and the bat, and place the thread in the glue line.  Trim off the excess thread.  Place glue around the edges of the bat and put the second assembled bat together with the first, carefully matching up the edges.

9.  Allow the glue to dry before hanging the card/mobile.

Since the finished card/mobile ends up a non-standard size, I created an envelope for it.

Halloween Greetings Go Mobile Envelope_JudyKay-Optimized

The envelope was cut from Halloween patterned scrapbook paper but the patterned side was folded to the inside as a bit of a fun surprise when it is opened.

Score and cut the envelope using the file included in the link below.

Halloween Greetings Go Mobile Envelope Cut File _JudyKay-Optimized

Fold the short flap up first, then the two side flaps and finally the top flap (the largest flap).  Place glue on the two side flaps where they overlap the bottom one.

Insert the card into the envelope so that the threads will not be cut if someone opens the envelope using a letter opener or knife.

The finished card ends up about 10 1/2″ long not including the thread loop at the top.  It can be used at that size for Halloween decorations or could be enlarged and used to make various sized decorations.

Enjoy and have a Happy Halloween!

Halloween Greetings Go Mobile Cut Files

Same Design, Same Tank Tops, Two Different Applications


Hi, I’m Gabriella Lex and I work with Sandy McCauley, testing new materials on the KNK models and helping Sandy with her business.

In support of breast cancer awareness, I decided to bling some shirts using the word “hope.” Because I like to use both rhinestones and iron-on glitter, I thought I would try using the same design with both applications. Sandy really liked the two desigs and suggested that this would make a great blog post for Team KNK.

Materials and Tools:

Make The Cut software
Red Blade
Rock-It Rhinestone Flock
Crystal and Rose SS10 Rhinestones
Silver and Pink Glitter Flex Ultra
Shurline Trim and Touchup Pad
Rhinestone Transfer Tape
– 2 black tank tops
Heat Press or home iron


Step 1 Design both patterns. I used Make The Cut. You can download my two designs from here.

Step 2 Mirror the iron-on design and cut from the Glitter Flex Ultra. The settings I used on the KNK Zing were Speed 9/10, Force 38, 1 Pass, Offset 0.35.

Step 3 Weed the waste from the Glitter Flex Ultra. Then flip over, align on tank top, press for 17 seconds with home iron set to hot or heat press set to 165C (330F). Cool for a bit and peel off clear heat shield layer.

Step 4 Cut the rhinestone design from Rock-it using the KNK Zing. The settings I used were Speed: 10/10, Force 95, 1 Pass, Offset 0.35.

Step 5 Brush rhinestones into pattern using a Shurline Trim and Touchup pad. Mask off the ribbon design and brush the crystal colored stones into the lettering holes. Remove masking tape and brush the rose colored stones into the holes for the ribbon.

Step 6 Using rhinestone transfer tape, lift the rhinestones, center on the front of the tank and press for 15 seconds. Allow to cool and peel off transfer tape.

If you have any questions about glitter vinyl or rhinestone applications, please post in the Comments section below. Thanks for checking out my post on Team KNK!

Independence Day Rhinestoning!

Closeup2 America

A BIG thank you to my wonderful assistant, Gabriella Lex, for designing and making today’s three projects! Let’s begin with the materials she used:

KNK Maxx Air
Rock-It Rhinestone Flock
SS10 Rhinestones in Siam Ruby, Crystal, and Capri Blue
Rhinestone Transfer Tape
KNK Heat Press
Black T Shirt
White Cotton Placemat
Worldwin Smooth and Silky Colormates Cardstock
Red and Blue Decal Vinyl

For the design in Make The Cut, Gabriella used a rhinestone font from (note that you can download a free rhinestone font on the 17th day of each month). This font is designed with 2.0 mm circles which would have been way too small for the SS10 rhinestones. To resize the text in Make The Cut, so that the circles were 3.5mm, instead of 2.0mm, the method I show in this video was applied: Resizing Rhinestone Patterns.

For the flag, Gabriella made her own design and, as you can see, used it as the “i” in America.

After cutting the design on the Maxx Air from Rock-It, she brushed in the rhinestones, lifted with transfer tape and then heat pressed the stones to a black T Shirt I had in my closet. Now I have something special to wear at our 4th of July party this year!

America Shirt Cropped

But wait… there’s more! I decided I wanted to see the same colors on a white background, so I had Gabriella make two more items. I had some plain thin cotton placemats which I thought might also work great as basket liners for crackers or chips, So, Gabriella brushed and filled her template again with the same colors of rhinestones and then lifted and pressed to this placemat:

Cotton Placemat 2

And finally, I thought, “How about a greeting card, too?” So, we picked a red sheet of cardstock from the Worldwin Smooth and Silky Colormates line now being carried at KNK USA to use as the card base. Then Gabriella filled the template again with rhinestones and lifted and pressed to the center of a pre-cut rectangle of the white cardstock for the front of the card. I decided we needed just a little more embellishing to fill the white space to the left of the flag, so Gabriella cut some red and blue vinyl star frames and I arranged them on the front.

America Card

This is what I’ve always loved about making rhinestone templates…one template results in something you can use as many times as needed AND in different applications! Now let’s see if some of our readers can come up with their own ideas!

Here is the cutting file in MTC, KNK, and SVG file formats: America Design

Feel free to send me any project photos you take of this or other rhinestone designs! And again, a big thank you to Gabriella for helping us out at Team KNK!

Show Time

Since my Viking sewing machine dealer thought I did a good job at the quilt show where she had a booth last September, she invited me to help out in her booth at a sewing expo the first part of this month.  The September show was 2 days and the one this month was 3 days.  Plus the booth this month was more than twice as large.  This meant that there needed to be more samples for display and more items for sale.

She liked the book I made for the September show which I posted here and asked me to make another one for a quilt pattern for which she would be demonstrating the techniques in her classes and displaying the quilt in the booth.  Previously I had put the pages in a three ring binder.  For this one we used a scrapbook and I used my KNK Maxx Air to help create a customized cover sheet and the pages for the scrapbook.  Because the pages were 12″ x12″ the cover was 12 1/2″ x 14 1/8″.  I used poster board for the base of the cover and cardstock for the pages.  As I did in the “Story of the Owl”, I created silhouettes of the machine embroidery hoops to frame the openings in the pages.  Actual sewn out samples were sandwiched between two cardstock frames so both sides of the sample could be seen and touched.  In order to make a hinge for the pages I cut a strip of flexible vinyl – the kind you can buy by the yard – and inserted it at the left edge between the two layers of the pages.  Holes were punched to fit on the posts of the scrapbook.

These are pictures of the pages in the scrapbook.  This time I also added page numbers cut from vinyl.  I used the Print and Cut function of the Make the Cut software to create the word labels and mats for each page.



The shiny stuff on the left edge of the pages is the vinyl hinge.

This is what the scrapbook cover looked like.


All of the lettering was cut from the same vinyl as the page numbers.   In order to get the placement of the vinyl correct, I used the KNK Studio software to lay out the cover, used the print option to get a paper copy of the ‘plan’, assembled the pieces of the printed ‘plan’, taped the ‘plan’ to my light table, placed the poster board over the ‘plan’ and had a perfect template for putting the vinyl lettering on the poster board.  Then I added my pictures with their cardstock mats and the scrapbook cover was complete.

My dealer has had a booth at this expo for several years and wanted to show her returning customers as well as new customers her appreciation for their business.  She asked me to make some embroidered items to be gifts with purchase.  These pictures show what those gifts were.


Although you can’t see them in this picture, the red medallions had SS10 crystal rhinestones on them instead of the red confetti hearts on the pink and white medallions.


This is just a sample of the pencils.  There were actually 60 pencils made.

For a bit of fun to help distribute these gifts, I cut 2″ hearts from red, pink, and white cardstock, wrote the names of each of the gifts on the hearts and then folded them in half and closed them with a Valentine sticker.  Of course the hearts were cut using my KNK Maxx Air.



All of the folded hearts were placed in a container and as purchases were made, the buyer selected a heart and opened it to reveal their gift.

I created several other embroidered items to be displayed.  Since they were all from designs by one designer we displayed them in a group on a large sheet of fabric covered foam board.  The display needed to have some signs and lettering so, of course, I used my KNK Maxx Air, some cardstock and some more vinyl to create them.

This is a picture of the diisplay board in the booth.


The shape of the “Clever & Crafty” sign is a built in banner shape in the Make the Cut software.  I did some node editing to get the exact shape that I wanted and then added some detail lines and shading with colored pencils for a 3D look.  Most of the vinyl lettering is two layers of vinyl.  The top layer was hand placed on the bottom layer since the majority of the letters in the top layer were single letters.  The bottom layer was created using the Transform/Outline function in the KNK Studio software.  It could also have been made using the Shadow Layer function in the MTC software.  I was fortunate to be able to closely match the fonts I used with the fonts the designer had used on the design pattern inserts.

I enjoyed participating in the show and am pleased that I could use the versatility of my KNK Maxx Air, the KNK Studio software, and the Make the Cut software to enhance the displays and create other items to be used in the booth.