Sometimes you have to, just because you can!

I saw a saying that I thought was cute and decided to design  my own and make it. I am old school and still use KNK Design Studio. I needed an image of a pig so I Goggled pig silhouette and found numerous pigs. I selected the one I wanted and imported it into KNK Studio. I then scanned it and vectorized it. I decided on the font Fishfingers lite and typed my words. I then selected the words, broke path and then made each word the size I wanted and placed the words inside the pig and selected make path.

Then it was simply cutting the vinyl and applying it to the painted board.


12×12 wood board

Rustoleum 2X spray paint


Clear transfer tape


15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

Force 36

Speed 500

Here is the file ink KNK and SVG

i like pig butts.KNK   i like pig butts (2)