Oh Christmas Tree

One of the recent free files offered by My Scrap Chick was a set of three Christmas Trees.  The trees are very attractive and could be used in many ways.  I chose to make them as multi layered decorations similar to the way that they are pictured at the My Scrap Chic website.  The main difference between their sample and mine is that they glued their tree layers together and I stitched mine together on the sewing machine so my layers are only one piece of cardstock where theirs are two pieces glued together.


Materials Used:

Green Cardstock

Green Sewing Thread

Liquid Glue


Machine used: KNK Force, Blade: Standard Material Blade (red cap), Blade Tension: 2, Passes: 1, Cutting Depth: 65, Cutting Speed: 25, Blade Offset: Red Cap, Blade Overcut: .38


The trees were cut in sets of 5.  Then stacked in their set.  The top tree was marked using a Centering Ruler with a line down the middle of the tree where the stack would be stitched.  This is a ruler that I’ve had for several years and it is very handy to mark the center of a lot of projects.  I like that it has metric as well as Imperial measurements on it.



The stacks were then clipped together and sewn on my sewing machine using a size 90 embroidery needle and cotton thread in the needle and bobbin with a stitch length of 3.0.


I used a wide foot to give the machine more gripping area to keep the stack from shifting.  After they were sewn, I secured the thread ends by tying a knot at each end on the bobbin side and put a drop of liquid glue on the knots before trimming the tread ends.


Two layers were folded away from the center layer to give the trees dimension so they would stand up.  A bit of white paint could be added to the trees to look like snow.  Using the cutout from the tree would make a good aperture for a card front.

My Scrap Chick is very generous with their files and they cut really well.  Thank you ladies!

And the cards continue

I truly do love making cards. I send out close to 100 cards and make them all. The key is finding files or designing cards that are simple yet unique.

img_5415-min img_5424-min img_5423-min img_5422-min img_5421-min img_5420-min img_5419-min img_5418-min img_5417-min img_5416-min Materials





Red capped blade

Speed 400

Force 33 for vinyl 90 for cardstock

dec-2016-team-knk    Here is the file for some of the cards.  The first and second cards are vinyl, #3 is a Cuddlebug embossing file and the stars are cut from cardstock, #4 is white vinyl on cardstock, #5 is glitter vinyl, #6 is left over vinyl from my last post,# 6 is a  My Scrap Chick file cut from vinyl and applied to sparkly paper, #7 is also a My Scrap Chick file cut from a combination of cardstock and vinyl, and the last card is all card stock.

Making them was the easy part, writing them out is another story.


It’s Twins!


12×12 canvases

Rustoleum 2x  spray paint

Outdoor vinyl



red capped blade

force 46

speed 350

I had a request to make a shower gift for twin boys. I was told their names, the nursery colors and the nursery theme. This is what I came up with.

IMG_3858 The colors were teal and yellow and the theme was under the sea. The sea creatures are a purchased file from My Scrap Chick Right now they have all of their files on sale for $1 so it is a great time to check their site out.

I am going to be hosting the KNK Retreat in Appleton WI June 12-14, if you haven’t signed up yet there is still time to do so.

Happy Easter!


Christmas falls on December 25th every year…


So why does it sneak up on me every year? Last year I was at  Michael’s craft store and they had these great blank cards on clearance. The plan was to buy  them and have all year to make them into great Christmas cards. I send out about 100 cards so it is no small feat to make them.


Coredinations paper


card blanks

KNK Maxx

Red capped blade


Speed 400

force 46 for vinyl

90  for Coredinations

IMG_3664 Aren’t they great? Well, fast forward 11 months and here I am, 10 days until Christmas and just starting. Lucky for me, My Scrap Chick sends out a free file every Friday and this file was perfect for me! If you aren’t signed up for their Friday Freebies the files are available for $1 on their site.

IMG_3663 IMG_3662 I used a white textured cardstock for the background, colored Coredinations for the red and green and white and silver vinyl for the Joy with the snowflake and the ornament top.

Then, there was a card that I saw on Pinterest that I thought would be fun to duplicate. IMG_3665 It is just a rectangle with 3 pine trees cut out of it and then you save the 3 trees, emboss them and put them on the card.  The one Pintrest had the pop dots so the trees stood off the paper a bit. I didn’t do this as it increases the cost to mail them. I attached the file for this card. Back to making my cards! Thanks for stopping by and checking out what I made!




3 pine tree card

KNK and My Scrap Chick

My KNK 15″ Maxx and the files that I have from My Scrap Chick are a wonderful combination.  Snoopy (my Maxx) cuts the files so quickly and easily.  The files from My Scrap Chick are very easy to use and are available in a large variety of themes and formats.

Last week when I opened my email from My Scrap Chick to see what was new and to download the weekly freebie, I saw a card that had been made using one of their older files.  It was the Dancing Candles.  I have always gotten a smile on my face when I see those little guys and since I needed a birthday card for a friend, I decided that they would be just perfect for my card.


Materials Used:

Various card stocks in multiple colors.

Double sided tape

Holographic vinyl in green

Liquid glue



Machine – KNK 15″ Maxx Air

Blade – Red Cap Standard blade

The card stocks were cut at various speeds and pressures as was suitable for the particular card stock.  Some card stocks needed 2 passes to completely cut.

The holographic vinyl was cut at a speed of 60 and a force of 18 because the letters are small and delicate.


The card is an easel card  so the front and inside can be seen when it is opened and the bottom edge of the front tucked behind the message panel.  The message panel is mounted on dimensional pop dots so it forms a ledge to hold the card front in place.


Here is a side view of the card so you can see the easel.


My card is very similar to the square easel card in My Scrap Chick’s Easel Card Collection.  However I made my card 5 1/2 ” wide and 6 1/2″ high to accommodate the size of the Dancing Candles.