cute purse

I get the weekly Splitcoast Stampers email with a project for the week and I knew when I saw it, I wanted to make it.

File Aug 18, 5 28 54 PM

There’s a .pdf file that you can download and print and cut out… but you know that’s not how I do things. ūüôā

I imported it into Make the Cut as a pdf (it’s two pages). When you import it, you have to click “break apart” because all of the lines are solid. Then, select the lines you need to be score lines and copy them to a new layer and change them to dashed lines.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 5.29.42 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 5.29.55 PM

Then cut out and decorate.

Since the file specifically says not to share it electronically, I won’t put my file here, but as you can see, it’s very simple to do if you want to make one.

I did forget to put a clasp on it, but I think I’ll just put some velcro on it and it is an easy holder for small cards or treats.

I used the KNK Zing

Settings: 10/10, force 100. Red blade

I used card stock I found on clearance at Michaels. I think for future ones, I’d use solid card stock or two-sided because a lot of white shows, but I liked the paper, so it’s all good.


Promotion gift card holder

I can’t believe my baby boy is promoting from 8th grade and will be attending high school in the fall. I wanted to make him a gift card holder that wasn’t too girly so I came up with this:


I used that black/gold leaf paper from DCWV and I used maroon paper (worldwide cut mates) since maroon and black are the colors of the school. I ended up outlining the numbers with black puffy paint and as you can see, I’m not the best at it, but the numbers and patterned paper weren’t going too well together.

Here’s a top down picture so you can see the “layers” of what I did:


The graduation cap was a free svg I found online and I just used a brad and some embroidery thread for the tassel.

I used the Zing for this project. I just drew a rectangle in MTC around 2016 in a serif font, I believe it was times new roman. I used foam tape to stick it on the gift card (I have a sizzix die I used for the gift card holder) and then cut out the graduation cap and stuck it on with foam tape.


happy birthday

Isn’t this cute?


(I didn’t make that). I saw it on this website:¬†

And I thought, I could make something similar with a file I previously created. Wow. I guess I’ve been doing this for a few years. Three years ago, I posted about a hat I made for St. Patrick’s Day. See this post:¬†

I took that file and modified it just a bit and came up with this:

File May 19, 6 38 49 AM

So basically all I did was adjust the base layer so the rim wasn’t as big. I guess you could use the original file and use that part as the birthday cake “plate.”

I also created that fringe around the top and bottom and included that too. If you like the fringe better on the original box, you could use crepe paper and scissors, but I thought this looked just fine.

File May 19, 6 37 50 AM

When you open it up, you can slip a little gift inside.

I really like the paper straws for candles that were in the original picture, but I used some clear straws I had and made some “flames” that fit easily inside. I cut the straws 2″ to use the flames I included in the file.

File May 19, 6 38 11 AM

I’m planning to give this to my son with some money, as it is his birthday Sunday.

File May 19, 6 39 05 AM

The happy birthday border was made using a Martha Stewart punch, but it could easily be made with some block letters and the weld function in Make the Cut.

Remember, this is a free file so depending on the paper you use, you might have to play with the size of the lid a little bit. I used DCWV paper and the top is snug, but it fits.



Make the Cut

KNK Zing

red blade

DCWV cardstock

white copy paper for fringe

washi tape (striped)



cardstock: f- 95, 10/10

copy paper: f-30, 10/10

Coloring Page Baby Bibs


Our Littlest Princess

I recently hosted a baby shower for this sweet little princess and her mommy. Since there were several young girls there, I wanted to have something fun for them to do. I decided to make some coloring page baby bibs that they could color for the new little one.


  1. Baby Bib Blanks
  2. Fabric Pens
  3. Black ThermoFlex Plus
  4. Red-capped Blade
  5. Make The Cut Software
  6. Coloring Page SVG (Outline with lots of white space)
  7. Heat Press or Iron

Settings for KNK Zing:

  1. Force – 18
  2. Speed – 10
  3. Multicut – 1


  1. Import or download a file from MTC
  2. If outlines are too thin, use the shadow function to make them the appropriate thickness. Edit > Shape Magic > Shadow LayerColoring Page Baby Bib - Adjust the Outline
  3. Cut and weed ThermoFlex Plus
  4. Use heat press or iron to apply to baby bib. (Follow manufacturers instructions and/or look here for more details.)
  5. Use the fabric pens to color the pictures.Coloring Page Baby Bibs

The coloring page bibs were a great success! The girls loved coloring them. I wish I had pictures of them decorating them, but I somehow missed capturing that during the baby shower.This turned out to be a great shower activity, and although I geared it for the younger crowd, I’m sure the women would have enjoyed it just as much.

Create Shrinky Dink Luggage Tags with KNK

Photo of Shrink Film Luggage TagI love Shrinky Dinks! ¬†It’s so much fun to put them in the oven and watch them do their thing. Since I’m going to be traveling next week, I thought I’d¬†make some¬†Shrinky Dink luggage tags.

  • Materials:

  1. Ribbon
  2. Red Capped Zing Blade
  3. Ultra Fine Sharpie
  4. Shrinky Dink material (or other shrink film)
  5. Make The Cut softwareScreen Shot of Registration Shape and Layers
  1. Force Р6 to 15
  2. Offset Р 0
  3. Speed – 9
  4. Multicut – 1 or 2
  • KNK Zing Settings for Blade

  1. Force – 120
  2. Offset – .25
  3. Speed – 9
  4. Multicut –¬†2 to 5 (I needed 5 for the white Ink Jet Shrinky Dink)KNK Zing Drawing on Shrinky Dink
  • Steps:

  1. In MTC, put cut shape on one layer
  2. Put sketch design on another layer. If you are using two colors, put each on its own layer.
  3. Draw a “registration shape” at origin corner and put on its own layer.
  4. Put Shrinky Dink on mat and insert into Zing. Put pen and holder into Zing.
  5. Turn off cut layer and keep “Pen” and “Registration” layers on.
  6. Adjust settings and “cut”.
  7. Replace pen with blade.
  8. Turn off “Pen”¬†layer.
  9. (If you are not using a pen holder, you may want to keep your cut layer off and only have the registration shape layer on. This will allow you to test to see if you have everything lined up and manually adjust if your blade doesn’t cut exactly your registration shape exactly where the pen drew it. If you have a pen holder, you should be able to skip this step.)
  10. Turn on “Cut”¬†layer, adjust settings for blade and cut.
  11. If you want to draw on the other side, you can carefully remove the cut tag, turn it over and replace in opening. Make sure you do not remove the mat and that you line it up exactly where it was for the original cuts.Shrinky Dink in Oven
  12. Heat oven to 275 – 350 degrees. You’ll want to check directions on your shrink film. I used both Ink Jet Shrinky Dink, and Grafix brand Matte Shrink Film.
  13. When oven is at temperature, place shrink film on pan and cover lightly with tin foil or parchment paper. (This will reduce the curling as it shrinks. I didn’t do that the first time)
  14. Leave in oven according to directions (about 3 – 5 minutes).
  15. When it is done curling and has flattened out again, carefully take out of oven and lay on flat surface to cool. If it is not completed flat, you can flatten carefully with a spatula.
  16. Tie a cute ribbon through the hole.

Completed Shrinky Dink Luggage Tags

Three Shrinky Dink Luggage Tags

I found that I had best luck with the Grafix brand shrink film. I am not sure exactly why that is. It may be because I had practiced a couple of times with the Shrinky Dink¬†brand first. Or, possibly it’s because I made a aluminum foil¬†“folder”, and slipped it in that before putting it in the oven. That helped keep it flat.

I’m not sure there is any way to keep the shrink film from getting somewhat out of proportion as it shrinks. I suppose¬†this is especially true with bigger pieces. (I used half a sheet for these tags.) But that’s okay… I think it’s still pretty cute, and lots of fun.

Don’t be fooled into grabbing the wrong luggage! Go create some of your own Shrinky Dink Luggage Tags and add a little¬†practical fun to your next trip!