Love this stuff!

As many of you know, I really like working with vinyl. I use it a lot on cards and scrapbook items I make for my daughter. Many of the things I make are tiny and need precise application, that is where Clear Transfer Tape from KNK USA comes in hand.

Items used

Clear Transfer tape

Coredinations paper

Cuttlebug embosser



Red blade

42 force for vinyl

100 force for paper

450 speed


This card is another Pinterest inspired card. I loved the colors they used and I loved the card itself. All of the shapes were created in KNK studio using the shape tool. IMG_2943 IMG_2944 IMG_2945 You will note that the original photo of the Mr. & Mrs. is different from the end product. Although the Mr. & Mrs. cut perfectly I didn’t want to transfer all of the little dots but yet thought the card looked too plain with out those dots. So I did what I often do, and that is to transfer the image to Word and print it, so simple!

I have attached the file for the card. yellow and gray 6×6 Mr. & Mrs card


Here comes the Bride

We have a wedding coming up so it inspired me to make a few things. I have 2 out of 5 completed, hopefully I can post the rest at a later date. The first is a sweet but simple card. It is designed for a 5×7 card, I used Coredinations black paper and Coredinations Gemstone white. The Bride and groom and the Mr & Mrs are cut from vinyl. You can literally make this card in a minute or two, that is my kind of card!

IMG_2369 Mr and Mrs Card 5×7

The second is a simple 6×6 tile. Although this is personalized with the bride and grooms name and date it can easily be converted with your own personalization so I include the file. It was simply cut from decal vinyl and applied to the tile.

IMG_2313 mr & mrs tile

Everything was cut using my wonderful KNK Maxx and the vinyl used for the card can be purchased at  KNK USA.

Vinyl, Paper, KNK

As a child I never played rock, paper, scissors and I never really learned how it was played. But I love to play  vinyl, paper,  KNK!

When I first got my KNK I cut strictly paper. I remember cutting little letters and delicate swirly things and then trying to glue them to paper without having glue all over my project. Then I found vinyl and it is now so easy!

This card was one of the first that I made. IMG_2181 I made it for a 60th Birthday card. The people who are now turning 60 were raised in the 60’s…you had to be there. :O)

IMG_2182 I find it easier to apply vinyl than to print  inside the card.

The next card was an “I can do that” card. I was so busy this year that I bought my cards at the store pre made. I know, I am so sorry but it was that or nothing. This card was the card that I bought just so I could make it.

IMG_2188 I scanned the card into the computer and then opened the scanned image with KNK Studio. I then used the scan tool and vectorized it. I then had my image. I cut the red background from Coredinations and then the bird from white vinyl, WooHoo…I did it. :O) I have a KNK Maxx and generally use between 36 and 40 force for vinyl and between 90 and 120 for paper depending on the type.

IMG_2189 And last but not least is a plaque I made. I uploaded the image by mistake and don’t know how to delete it so here it is. A simple design using PC Dazzle and Robo Passion Conflict font.


I want to say how thankful I am that I met Doreen (Emily’s mom) on line who told me about the KNK and told me to order it from Sandy McCauley. It has been one of my favorite parts of life so far. :O)

Here is a link to the three files in KNK format:

Sixties,Bird,Sister Files



IMG_2143 I have seen this card in various places on line and I think it was made with punches. I make all of my own cards and having a guys card for Birthdays is often challenging. When I saw this card I thought it was perfect, I also knew that I could easily make it using KNK Studio and my KNK Maxx. I just used the basic shape tool and made the pieces. For the card itself I made the rectangle and the arc and welded them together, duplicated it, and then mirrored the second piece. I lined the 2 pieces up and welded them together. The card was made with Coredinations paper, my personal favorite. I generally use a pressure of about 110 for Coredinations and the speed is usually 400. The Happy Birthday was cut from vinyl and applied to the card front. With vinyl I usually use about 36 pressure but it depends on the vinyl. The nice thing about making cards with a KNK is that you can cut and assemble a half dozen cards in about the same time it would take you to punch and assemble one card.

I am sharing the cutting file for this card with you!

Beer Mug Card in KNK, MTC, and SVG File Format

Happy New Year!

Vinyl Tile and Greeting Card

A friend asked me to make a tile for her friends wedding, the catch was I had one day and one picture. I had just purchased a frames and border set from and decided to use one of the frames as the main part of the tile. I used double sided tape to attach the picture to the tile and then set the vinyl on top of it, a nerve wracking ordeal when you only have one photo. I used my KNK Maxx to cut the design. The font used was my favorite Robo Passion Conflict.


I then decided to make a matching card using the same frame files from My Vinyl Designer and Robo Passion Conflict font. The paper is a white coredinations gemstone paper. The vinyl lettering on this card is amazing, parts of it are whisper thin.