A fun card to make

I love making cards, and I make them by the dozen. Besides making them for my mom, sisters, and the “swim club” ( a group of elderly women who swim at the same time my kids swim), I have a big family and need a ton just for my self. My mom and dad had 8 kids, who had 17 kids, who had 19 kids and counting…so I send out cards weekly. :O)

This card was made for a special friend, Colleen, who I meet through the KNK group. When I make a card I find it just as easy to make a dozen at once. IMG_4639 IMG_4640 IMG_4641 Materials


  • 15 KNK MAXX
  • red capped blade


  • 46 for vinyl
  • 90 for paper
  • speed 400

The card base is paper, as is the black background for Hello Kitty. Everything else is vinyl. Using the clear transfer tape makes it simple to line everything up. It was fun and easy to make.  Here is the file hello kitty with star balloons  It was sized for an A6 card.

Just a piece of wood.


Years ago I had a small craft and antique shop on our property. It was in the early 90’s when handmade crafts were very popular. In 1996 I closed the shop. I had some wood that my husband had cut for me to make signs out of and I didn’t use all of it. Every once in a while he would remind me of the wood he cut and I never used. So this week,18 years later, :~) , I decided the time had come to use the wood. So, I saw something I liked on Pintrest and it needed a rectangular piece to put it on, a match made in heaven!





Clear transfer tape

fine sanding block


KNK Maxx 15″

Red capped blade

Force 40

Speed 350

IMG_3157 IMG_3156 Aren’t they sweet…or is it just me because I finally found a use for the wood??? I still have a ways to go before it is gone but it’s a start. I painted the wood the color that I wanted it to be using Rustoleum 2X Painters Touch spray paint. It covers quickly and evenly. I let it dry for at least 24 hours. I then use a fine sanding block and sand the paint and wipe it off with a micro fiber cloth to remove any dust. I find that this step helps the vinyl really adhere. I love to use the clear transfer tape to transfer the vinyl because you can see exactly where you are placing it.

Here is the file Love the wine your with teamknk


Love this stuff!

As many of you know, I really like working with vinyl. I use it a lot on cards and scrapbook items I make for my daughter. Many of the things I make are tiny and need precise application, that is where Clear Transfer Tape from KNK USA comes in hand.

Items used

Clear Transfer tape

Coredinations paper

Cuttlebug embosser



Red blade

42 force for vinyl

100 force for paper

450 speed


This card is another Pinterest inspired card. I loved the colors they used and I loved the card itself. All of the shapes were created in KNK studio using the shape tool. IMG_2943 IMG_2944 IMG_2945 You will note that the original photo of the Mr. & Mrs. is different from the end product. Although the Mr. & Mrs. cut perfectly I didn’t want to transfer all of the little dots but yet thought the card looked too plain with out those dots. So I did what I often do, and that is to transfer the image to Word and print it, so simple!

I have attached the file for the card. yellow and gray 6×6 Mr. & Mrs card