1 Cut – 3 Cards

Hello fellow KnK-ers!

Do you ever look at the waste left behind after you’ve made your cut and thought it was too nice to throw away?

One simple step to make your waste more usable is to draw a square (or other shape) around the design you are about to cut to produce a frame effect from your waste material making it super easy to remove from your mat and use right away. How about taking this idea one step further and adding a shadow layer around your design to create a slightly different version of it?

This is exactly what I’ve done today, I’ve added an internal layer to my Bauble and an external layer to my Snowflake then drew a Square around the outside. This one 5 inch cut will give me enough elements for all 3 of these 6 inch cards!

Bauble Layers 3

These are the Materials I used:

These are the Zing Settings I used:

  • Blade = Standard
  • Blade Height = 25 post-it notes
  • Offset = 0.30
  • Speed = 10
  • Force =  120
  • Passes = 1

Pic 1. I cut my design from kraft cardstock at 5 inches, here’s how it looks straight from my Zing mat:

Bauble Layers 1

Pic 2. I separated out the different elements to make the most pleasing combinations:

Bauble Layers 2

Pic 3. Here are the 3 cards I made from the elements above along with some festive papers, a little twine and some pearls:

Bauble Layers 4

Bauble Layers 5

Bauble Layers 6

Who would think that you could get so much from just one 5 inch piece of card?

If you would like to see more projects I have created with my Zing, access my Free Cut Files and read my Terms of Use, you can find my blog here: www.birdscards.com

Here is today’s Cut File:

Snowflake Bauble Layers by Bird

Snowflake Bauble Layers by Bird

Large Flower Card – 3 ways!

Hello fellow KnK-ers!

Today I will use one Cut File (supplied at the end of the post) to create 3 different card looks armed with just my Zing and a few basic supplies.


These are the Materials I used:

These are the Zing Settings I used:

  • Blade = Standard
  • Blade Height = 25 post-it notes
  • Offset = 0.30
  • Speed = 10
  • Force =  100 (65 on vellum and lightweight card)
  • Passes = 1

Card 1: This is a super quick yet effective card to whip up when you need a card asap.

I lined up one of the oval shapes onto the card base in Make the Cut, I chose one of the fonts to form the word ‘Hello’ then cut both pieces from some kraft card:


I folded my card in half then placed the ‘Hello’ inside the oval window and glued it to the inside of the card:


Card 2: I used white vellum for my large solid (sandwich) piece to add some softness to this card but coloured vellum or acetate could be used for different looks.

From yellow card I cut the card base, the extra flower outline piece, the label outline shape and the word ‘Mum’. From vellum I cut the large solid layer and the larger label shape:


I glued my vellum to the back of the front outline pieces:


These pieces can now be flipped over and glued to the card base sandwiching the vellum between the layers, this ensures that the inside of your card is as neat as the outside:


As I didn’t create a window in the card base this time I can add my sentiment to my label shape without it looking messy on the inside of the card:


Card 3: Inside the cut file you will find smaller solid (sandwich) pieces which allow you to use different colours for your flower and leaf pieces:

From black card I cut the card base, the extra flower outline piece and the banner outline shape. From pink card I cut the solid flower piece and the larger banner shape. From green card I cut the solid leaf pieces:


I glued my coloured pieces to the back of the front outines then added a sentiment to my banner:


I flipped my flower piece over and glued it to the card base and sandwiched it between the black card layers to keep my card neat inside and out. I added my banner to the card with 3D foam tape:


The middle of my flower was calling out for a button, as I’m not using vellum here it won’t show through:


Negative Pieces: Do you usually throw your negative pieces away? How about saving them to make some tags? Here is the tag cut file I used:


If you would like to see more projects I have created with my Zing and access my free cut files you can find my blog here: www.birdscards.com

Here is today’s Cut File:

Large Flower Card Cut File by Bird

Large Flower Card Cut File by Bird

I love making cards!

I love being able to make my own cards, but like most of you, there never seems to be enough hours in the day for me to do all that I would like to do. Once again, these were Pinterest inspired cards.cardcardMaterials Used



KNK Maxx


KNK Maxx

red capped blade

  • force 90
  • speed 400

Because I have never taken time to learn print and cut, I do things my way. :~) I cut the white paper to the size I wanted, designed the saying in KNK Studio and exported the image to word. I selected a 4×6 paper size in word and then printed the saying on the paper. I then placed the paper on my mat and selected the right hand corner as the origin and cut the hearts. In order to make the large heart I just made a big heart, filled it randomly with little hearts, moved them to where I wanted them and then deleted the large heart. Because these cards only involve cutting a design and printing them you can make a bunch quickly. The files are below. Enjoy!

heart cards


Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Sometimes I think I am one of the luckiest people on Earth. Besides having a great husband, awesome kids, and 2 pretty adorable grandchildren, I have a KNK MAXX!!!!! I am also lucky enough to be able to use my KNK Maxx on almost a daily basis.

IMG_2958 My youngest great nephew just turned one. So I made him this little Elmo card. The black body is paper, the rest vinyl. The clear transfer tape  makes it easy to get tiny pieces right where they belong. Here is the file used for elmo.

IMG_2915 This card was made using a free file from Burton Avenue. They offer the most adorable free files so bookmark the page or sign up for emails with free files.

IMG_3008 This is a subway wedding canvas. I use a 12×12 canvas, paint it, apply a coat of mod podge, and then apply the vinyl.

IMG_3002 And last but not least, this is a huge plaque made using tongue and groove wood. Someone saw it on pinterest and asked if I would make them one. My husband did most of the work. The tongue and groove was cut to size and then glued together. I painted it and applied the vinyl letters. He then attached the hooks.


vinyl, paper, canvas, wood


KNK Maxx

Red blade

40 force for vinyl

100 force for Coredinations

Speed  400

With a little time, a KNK, and some imagination (or Pinterest) the things you can make are endless!


We have KNK’s, we can do anything!

When I first got my KNK my only goal was to be able to cut something…anything. I was so worried it would be to difficult for me to master. It wasn’t long before I could cut and I went crazy buying files. I was quite sure I would never be able to design something, it wasn’t even a goal. I was pleased as punch when I could weld letters together. When Shirley told me about grouping and ungrouping it opened a whole new world. :~) Little by little I began to discover all of the things this great machine and KNK Studio could do. Now, if I see something online that I like I know that “I can do that”. I recently saw an adorable flower card on pinterest and it linked back to a blog, and eventually to Split Coast Stampers. I was able to import the pdf file to KNK Studio and convert it into a cut file.I used my Cuttlebug and embossed the petals and the flower center. It is cute, but the inside of the card is tiny. It might be a great gift tag.

IMG_2258 IMG_2261 IMG_2262  Then I saw a silhouette of a “tea party”.  According to the site it was originally a cross stitch pattern. I imported it into KNK Studio, vectorized it, and cut it from vinyl.  Sure beats cross stitch. :~)  It is amazing how easy it is to find things to cut.

IMG_2263 I have attached the files in KNK format.

tea for two

folded flower card