I have an adorable little great niece whose name is Lucy and she just celebrated her third Birthday. When it came time to make her Birthday card I pretty much knew what I wanted.





15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

Force 35

Speed 450

Isn’t she cute! I forgot to take a picture of the card I made for Lucy so this is a remake, but Lucy’s card had the number 3 in the balloon. After making this card I tweaked the file so that the dress sleeves were more solid and the top of the dress had no little pieces. Here is the updated file lucy

Special Occasion Reminder Book, part 2

Well, it took about three full days of my holiday break to complete this book, but I think it was worth it – my mom LOVED it! She can’t wait to start filling in all of the important dates like her children’s anniversaries and grandchildren’s birthdays.


I may have also been working on the upcoming retreat projects in between tasks so hopefully it didn’t really take three whole days! I do like how it turned out, and although I would settle on a specific color scheme for myself – my mom is colorful and that made for a fun project.

In the previous post I discussed the foundation for this book – the pages – and how I used Make-the-Cut‘s Print and Cut feature to create the special dates lists for each month. This post will focus on the embellishment and completion of the Special Dates book. This post is photo intensive – be prepared!


Opening of front cover – I was able to fit 3 blanks in the oval behind the written one, in case she ever wants to change the title.

20150107_014157_opt   20150107_014204_opt (1)   20150107_014210_opt

Here is my first page with Gemstone metallic – Wow, does that make the tulips POP off the page!


The flowers and frogs for May were airbrushed with Copic Markers.



Many of the shapes I used came from Team KNK posts. Others came from my own files or the gallery in MTC.

20150107_014254_opt   20150107_014300_opt   20150107_014306_opt   20150107_014314_opt   20150107_014324_opt   20150107_014330_opt

I love Bird’s baubles, swirly deer, and Christmas trees!


I decided to use craft plastic to increase the book’s durability.


The craft plastic cover also gave me a nice, strong foundation to be able to attach the metal book plate. I used a gel pen to write the title with my KNK Maxx before cutting out the oval.


In the end, I also decided to add some pockets/envelopes so she can store notes or other small/flat items.




  1. Cut all of the vinyl shapes to embellish the pages.
  2. Color with Copic markers if desired.
  3. Use transfer tape to apply the vinyl decals to the pages.
  4. Cut the front and back covers from patterned card stock and from craft plastic.
  5. Assemble the book and install the book plate.
  6. Embellish as desired.

I’d like to make one for myself now, but I am exhausted!  lol!

Special Occasion Reminder Book

I saw a lovely special occasion reminder book on Bloglovin, and just loved the concept. That particular one was focused on a specific brand of stamps, but I wanted to create one that utilizes the power of my KNK digital cutting systems. This post is step 1 of 2 for the project. Step 2 will follow on January 7th. This is where the project will come together using a variety of mediums.

The first thing I needed to do was create my pages; one page for each month. I imported a scroll shape for the frame and added lines for the items that will be handwritten into the book. I used the Print and Cut feature in Make-the-Cut and printed the insets on various colored card stock with different colors of ink. The cut lines were created using basic shapes (a rectangle and circles).


I want the book to be durable, so I also cut hole reinforcements.


I added double sided adhesive and placed the reinforcements over the ring holes on both sides. I thought about using the back side of each page for the next month’s list, but decided to keep that area free for decoration/embellishments.


I am making this book for my mom and she likes as much color as possible, so I went with a multitude of color combinations.


Settings (Maxx Air):

  • f = 25
  • v = 300
  • passes = 1



  1. Import shapes, or use basic shapes in MTC to create the desired page shapes. For these tabbed pages I used the rounded rectangle in multiple sizes.
  2. Weld shapes as needed.
  3. Import shapes and/or use basic shapes to create the inset with note lines and any desired decorations. Be sure it will fit on your page without covering the ring holes.
  4. Follow the instructions in the appropriate KNK User Manual (Maxx Air) to complete the Print-and-Cut.
  5. Adhere the hole reinforcements and insets to the cut pages.

Lunch and Mini Crayon Box


Birthday Favor

Birthday Favor

It is time to celebrate Carlea’s second birthday. Yes, I can’t believe that my granddaughter is turning two. I always have an excuse to use my WONDERFUL KNK cutter machine, so I decided this time to make a print and cut project for the celebration.

This is a lunch box (party favor) which will contain candy, a mini coloring book, and a crayon box to match the lunch box. I designed everything in Photoshop, and then used Make The Cut to print and cut my project.

Sandy McCauley has three videos to teach you how to trace graphics in MTC that might be used for print and cut projects:

KNK Cutter Machine
MTC or KNK Studio
Cutting file for lunch box
Cutting file for crayon box

Customize your lunch box in the software of your choice. Using your MTC or KNK Studio, trace the imported graphic, and then print and cut your project. Here is a link to a video Sandy made showing how a PNC is done in MTC on a KNK Maxx or Groove-e cutter:

Print and Cut

Post if you have any questions!


Age Pop-Up Inserts

Hi There fellow KNK-ers!

As I mentioned last week, I have one of those big Birthdays ending in ‘0’ coming up in my Family soon so I thought it would be fun to use my Zing to make a pop-up card of their age.

I have done my best to make a pop-up card insert to cover each of the big milestone ages for you today. Although they can be used inside any card I also have a card front for you which can be used with any of the inserts. Both cut files are available for you at the end of the post 🙂

I cut all of my elements from Worldwin Cutmates Cardstock, I wouldn’t normally use Cutmates for a card base but as I will be attaching an extra layer inside, it will be plenty sturdy enough.

I used my Zing with Make the Cut software. My settings were:

  • height – 25 post-it notes
  • blade – standard
  • offset – 0.30
  • speed – 10
  • force – 65
  • passes – 1

Here are all of the elements needed to create today’s card. You will need a blank card base, your chosen insert, the lettering and its backing layer for the card front:

Age Insert Card 1

Gluing the individual letters onto their backing layer is a little time consuming, but once done, there is a nice large surface area on the reverse to attach 3d foam pads on to for popping onto the card base:

Age Insert Card 2

Moving onto the insert, you will need to fold along all of the perforated lines before attaching your insert into your card. All of the fold lines are Valley Folds (they should resemble a V) except the second fold from the top which is a Mountain Fold (this should resemble an upside down V):

Age Insert Card 3

You will need to apply adhesive around all of the fold lines and at the edge of the insert, I have used double sided tape. Attach your insert into your card one side at a time to ensure accurate placement:

Age Insert Card 4

Here’s how the completed card front looks:

Age Insert Card 5

…and here is what is waiting inside:

Age Insert Card 6

If you would like to see more projects I have created with my Zing and access my free cut files you can find my blog here:

Here are the Cut Files for today’s project:

Age Pop Up Inserts

Age Pop Up Inserts Cut File

you are...

You Are… Cut File