A Cow?

I had a request to make a personalized window for a babies nursery…and she wanted a cow on the window…a cow! So I did a search of my computer to see what I had for “cow files”. I knew I had some black and white Holsteins that I had used for some farm awards. But then I scored! I had an adorable paper piecing cow file from My Scrap Chick

And the rest was history! It was simply cutting the pieces, layering them, and adding the name. I think it turned out adorable!





15″ KNK Maxx

Red capped blade

Force 33

Speed 350

Panda with heart

At the school I work at, one of our sayings, since the Panda is our mascot, is that we are pandas with heart. I found a cute stamp set at the swap meet and had been wanting to make a Panda-piecing card for awhile. A few months back, I did a print and cut, but I wanted to do paper-pieced one.

I found this cute little dude at this site

And I found this bamboo at this site

But I didn’t want the hat. It was cute… but I wanted him to be plain, so I imported into Inkscape

I deleted the hat (even though it was cute), but I was left with a squashed face, so I easily stretched the head until I had this:

I pieced it all together and ended up with this:

On the inside, I stamped the saying from my new stamp set:

Machine used:

Zing (red blade, 10/10,)


Cardstock (colormates) and Michael’s Recollection

Custom Sized Boxes in a Hurry

Need a custom box in a hurry and don’t have the time to design one yourself? There are hundreds of free box templates on the internet, but if you need an odd size you may have to stretch and tweak so much, you might as well draw it yourself. Fortunately, there is a free box design tool called Template Maker. Template Maker is an online tool for making all kinds of boxes. Sandy McCauley made an awesome video on how the Template Maker works, which is how found this tool for my toolbox. Sandy McCauley Template Maker Video

I recently started a new business venture with a laser cutting machine, making custom products I cannot cut with my KNK Maxx. And while it certainly could cut paper for boxes, I did not purchase the Print and Cut upgrade for it (major big bucks!) I wanted a nice presentation box to hold this product for shipping. So, my KNK Maxx Air is far from retired, but is a valuable partner in my business.

I started with the dimensions I needed to hold fifty units of the product and used the Template Maker tool to design the box. One of your options is to download the result as an SVG. Since you are working with a SVG file you can use any cutting design program on the market to customize and cut your box.

I added my logo and text to describe the contents of the box, positioning these objects within the fold lines of the box. Next, I set up the file as a Print and Cut and moved the print, emboss and cut lines to different layers so they could be executed in turn.

After printing on cardstock and mounting to the mat, my first process was to emboss the score or fold lines using the Embossing Tool. Switched to the Standard Material Blade to cut out my box, once again using the Print and Cut operation.

Using a creasing tool while folding the sides and glue flaps of your box helps keep the box rigid. I did notice that the glue flaps were a little bit small and I will increase those in my cutting software next time. Apply glue to the appropriate flaps and form your box.

My custom product fits perfectly and will help protect the contents during shipping.

My Maxx Air allowed me to create a professional presentation of the completed custom job for my client! Be it business or pleasure we all need unique custom sized boxes occasionally. Having our KNK cutters makes the task easy!



KNK Zing/Zing Air/Maxx Air Standard Material Detail Blade

Embossing Tool


Paper Glue


Beautiful Invitation Card Utilizing KNK Force Machine

w Beautiful Invitation Card Utilizing KNK Force Machine

This is a File that has been on my to-do-list for quite some time, Now having the time I decided to give the Craft Bazaar of our Great Friend Diana Tunnicliff a try. I ended up making a beautiful invitation card that can be utilized for any events!

Beautiful Invitation Card Utilizing KNK Force Machine

The materials that I used for this project were:

Settings for KNK Force:

The settings used for the Red Blade:

Settings to cut the Cardstock

  • Passes = 1
  • CD = 90
  • CS =  Default-40
  • US = Default-40
  • PS = Default-20
  • LS = Default – 20
  • Blade Offset – Red Blade
  1. I choose one of the AWESOME files from the Bazaar of Diana Tunnicliff.
  2. Using my KNK Force I cut the file
  3. I printed what the invitation would say and then glued it to the card
  4. Then, I cut a piece of vellum paper to place it inside the invitation
  5. Finally, I added a ribbon as an embellishment

Diana Tunnicliff’s Files (FREE)

Verisión en Español

Este es un archivo que ha estado en mi lista de cosas por hacer durante bastante tiempo, ahora teniendo el tiempo decidí darle una oportunidad al Bazar de artesanía de nuestra gran amiga Diana Tunnicliff. Terminé haciendo una hermosa tarjeta de invitación que puede utilizarse para cualquier evento.

Hermosa tarjeta de invitación utilizando la Cortdora digital KNK Force.

Los materiales que utilicé para este proyecto fueron:

  1. Seleccioné uno de los IMPRESIONANTES archivos del bazar de Diana Tunnicliff.
  2. Utilizando mi cortadora digital KNK Force corté el archivo.
  3. Imprimí lo que diría la invitación y luego lo pegué a la tarjeta.
  4. Luego, corté un trozo de papel vegetal para colocarlo dentro de la invitación.
  5. Finalmente, agregué una cinta omo adorno.

Archivo Diana Tunnicliff (GRATIS)

Happy New Year!

Winter, my favorite time of the year! Christmas is over and we have had below zero temps for the last 10 days or so. The reason I love winter is because for me it is time to stay inside and create! The week between Christmas and New Years is a vacation with out leaving my house.

My Scrap Chick is one of my favorite sites to purchase cutting files. They often have sales where you can get a sweet paper piecing file for 50 cents. They also have a weekly freebie if you sign up for their emails.

This sweet card was made using one of their files. Generally, if I am going to make a card like this I will cut enough for 6-12 cards. It doesn’t take  a lot of time to  assemble them and  I have a large family to share them with. The bird is paper except for the glasses which are vinyl, as is the Happy Birthday.


Cordinations paper



15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

force 34 vinyl   90 paper

speed   400

I hope 2018 is a year filled with good  health and time to enjoy the things that you love.