Graduation card

I know this is a little late, but I’ve been a little behind this year. I’m really into watercolor pencils right now so I used them to make this card. I downloaded the graduation cap from the internet. It was in two parts:

So when I stuck it on the card, I used foam tape for the top part and glued the bottom part right underneath. It’s hard to see that in the card, but I think it gave it a little pop. I use my die cuts and my machine simultaneously. Each has it’s own pros and cons. One pro of using the machine is you can easily set it to duplicate an image and you can cut out a whole sheet of something, which is what I did. Also, you are not limited to the size of the die cuts, with a machine, you can size the image any size you want.

I’m using the same card format for my daughter’s thank you cards, which we are also behind on and need to write… of course, I have to finish putting them together too.

A little hint: if you do make water color cards, they tend to warp when they dry, so it’s a good idea to put them under a heavy book for a day or so. I forgot to do that with this card and it’s a little warped.


KNK Zing

red blade: 10/10


water color paper/pencils

kraft and black paper

foam tape

Multi use card

I struggle to come up with something different and easy for cards. In our family we have about a dozen birthdays each month. I make all of my own cards and also make cards for my mom. So something simple is great. I came up with this design. I used the ginsu knife to cut a rectangle in half diagonally and used the shape tool for the rest of the design. Because I wanted to use double sided card stock I mirrored one half of .the triangle part of the card. I typed the words I wanted to use for the cards and resized them to fit into the smaller circle. I then cut them from vinyl and applied them to the cards.


double sided cardstock




red capped blade

Speed 500

Force 100

These cards were fast and fun to make. Here is the file multi use card 7 2018    multi use card svg

Happy 4th of July!

A friend of mine is hosting her Family Reunion. She asked me to make signs for door prizes and also wanted some patriotic signs for the veterans in her family.

This is what I came up with.



Rustoleum 2X spray paint




red capped blade

Force 36

Speed 500

Once again it was just a matter of picking 2 different fonts and resizing them to fit on the board. This was an 8×12 piece of wood that I spray painted white. I always allow the paint to dry at least 24 hours. I then lightly sand the painted board and wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth. Then it is simply applying the vinyl. Here is the file land of the free 7 2018    land of the free svg   I hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July!


Styrofoam Name Decoration’s Baby Shower, Beautiful Decoration

Styrofoam Name Decoration's Baby Shower

My Nephew is having a Baby, so, we made Styrofoam Name Decoration’s Baby Shower to decorate their table. This name is a 3D project that is very easy to make.

The materials that we are going to use for the Styrofoam Name Decoration’s Baby Shower project are:

Settings for Groove-e Machine:

  • Force = 10
  • Speed = 150

Steps to make the Decorative Arc:

  1. I designed the name of the baby using MTC
  2. Then, I cut the name using Vynil and with the transfer tape, I pasted the name Styrofoam Name Decoration's Baby Shower on a styrofoam block. Because my styrofoam was not thick, I glued two styrofoam together to make it thicker. Styrofoam Name Decoration's Baby Shower
  3. After that, I cut the styrofoam using a Hot knife foam cutter
  4. Once all the letters were cut, I removed the vinyl and painted everything white.
  5. With the paint still wet, I just poured glitter on it.
  6. Finally, I embellished it using some paper flowers and a sign that I had done in the past.

It’s a BOY!

A friend’s son had a long awaited baby. With my KNK MAXX I was able to whip up a personalized gift and something to make Grandma happy also. From design to finished product these took me less than an hour. It was simply design, mirror image, cut, weed and press!



Heat transfer vinyl

15″ KNK Maxx
red capped blade
Force 40 multi cut (2)
Speed 500

Here is the file for the Please pass me to Grandma onesie htv please pass me to Grandma

Here it is in SVG format

please pass me to Grandma