I speak fluent sarcasm…

I know, I’ve used this site a million times. But it’s free! And the files cut beautifully.


So I bought some of those 8×8 canvases at Michael’s and knew I wanted to decorate them. I found the perfect saying for me and fired up good old Maxx and had this done in about ten minutes. Which was good, because I was hurrying to get done before I lost my light to take pictures. I was actually going to give this as a gift, but now I sort of want to keep it since I DO speak fluent sarcasm, in case you haven’t noticed.

Machine: KNK MAXX 24 35/300.

You know, I don’t think I’ve changed any settings in the past year on my Maxx. I just use it for vinyl and it cuts perfectly every time.





What do an Elephant and a tooth brush holder have in common?

My youngest daughter,  Tashja, loves elephants. When she was 4 she had to have a blood clot removed from her brain and a friend gave her an elephant. The rest is history.

The tooth brush holder in her bathroom worked fine for years until all of the sudden the toothbrush handles seemed to get fatter and they no longer fit. So I started looking for a replacement and found a plain white one. I immediately knew that an elephant would fix that.



tooth brush holder


clear transfer tape


15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

Force  32

Speed 500


I had several elephant files to choose from and decided this little elephant would be perfect. I cleaned the tooth brush with rubbing alcohol to make sure it was free from any dirt or oils.  I cut the vinyl, and then used clear transfer tape to layer the vinyl and then to apply it. The whole process took less than 5 minutes!

Draw and Cut – Make a Card with Zing and Make the Cut

Photo of layered draw and cut cardSince many people are still using an original Zing/Zing Air and Make the Cut software, I thought I’d give you a little card making inspiration. I’m going to show you how easy it is to make this cute draw and cut card.


  • Red Capped Blade
  • Make the Cut
  • Watercolor Paper
  • Colored Card Stock
  • Fine Sharpie Pen
  • Scoring Board (optional)
  • Paper Trimmer (optional)
  • SVG Line Drawing of your choice (here’s a link to mine)

Settings for Zing and MTC:


  • Force -20
  • Speed – 9 or 10
  • Multicut – 1
  • Offset – 0


  • Force – 160
  • Speed – 9 or 10
  • Multicut – 2
  • Offset – .25

I decided to make a video tutorial for you this time around. It’s my first try so feel free to let me know if you think it is helpful…. or if you’d rather have everything written out instead. (Hopefully I will get a little better with the camera and not cut off the top of my head!)

Tis the season for new babies!

In the last month I have had so many requests for baby plaques with the birth info. I often get asked to create something unique.






Paint Vinyl

Clear transfer tape


15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

Speed 450

Force 36

This was an 11×14 piece of pine wood that I stained with an ebony stain. I then dry brushed over the top with a white acrylic paint until I was happy with the way it looked. I like to let my paint and stain dry a few days before applying vinyl. I then designed the file in KNK Studio, cut it, applied it with clear transfer tape and it is done!   I absolutely love making these. I love babies and feel a bit of a connection every time I make one.

Baby wipes

On some of the craft sites they have been talking a lot about using the baby wipe method to paint wood so that it looks stained. I finally took the time to look into it and try it. Wisconsin winters it can make it hard to spray paint and other methods of painting often leave brush marks. This method is quick, easy, and looks great.


Pine wood

Baby wipes

Acrylic craft paint



15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade Force 34

Speed 500

I basically took a baby wipe, dipped it in acrylic craft paint, and then wiped it over the board like you would stain, rubbing with the grain of the wood. Because I was using white paint I did several coats, sanding lightly in between each coat. It was so simple and so quick!  I love being able to see the wood grain through the paint.

I designed the file in KNK Studio using fonts and basic shapes. The lines with circles are just a long thin rectangle and circles welded together. If you make one circle, click on layout and then array you can evenly space the circles. The arrow is made using a free font called arrow crafter. EDIT…just realized this file doesn’t have an arrow but check out the free font, it is awesome!

Then it was just a simple matter of using clear transfer tape and applying the vinyl to the wood. I like to allow any paint or stain a few days to dry, a minimum of 24 hours but longer if possible.

Here is the file how is it possible best girl
how is it possible MTC