“Please Take One” Halloween Sign Using Floor Vinyl- Great Idea

Halloween Sign for Candy Basket Using Floor Vinyl

“Please Take One” Halloween Sign Using Floor Vinyl. This is great and really easy to make. I really love Holidays, it is yet another thing that gives me tons of crafting ideas! Inspirations can come from any where, this time it came while doing some remodeling. We were remodeling our stairs and instead of carpet we decided to install floor vinyl, not only is it cheaper it is also a lot easier to install than tile or carpet. However as I saw the texture of the floor vinyl the idea to use it as a tombstone for a Halloween sign came to mind. Seeing as we are already in the month of Halloween, there really is no better time. So, As per Halloween tradition we give candy out  every year to children. This time I wanted to attach a sign to the candy basket.

Halloween Sign for Candy Basket Using Floor Vinyl



  • Blade = Red
  • BT = 1
  • P= 1
  • CD = 14
  • CS= 20
  • US = 20
  • PS = 20
  • LS = 20


  1. First, I Traced the tombstone in MTC.
  2. Then, inside of the tombstone I added a bat and as well as the text which wrote, “Please Take ONE” inside the tombstone.
  3. Then, I used the KNK Force to cut the design out of vinyl
  4. Lastly, Using clear transfer tape, I transferred the vinyl to the floor vinyl.

Clothing Label

My baby girl started kindergarten this year and putting names on her sweatshirts and jackets is a new thing to me.  She has already left a sweatshirt on the bus and my sister had asked me if I wrote her name in it.  I hate writing names on the tags of clothes because what if I sell it and the next person doesn’t want my kid’s name on their stuff.  My husband, who is under the deep blue sea, said why don’t you make a tag to sew on the tag of her clothes.  Duh why didn’t I think of that.  Yeah I could just take a pen and write her name on a piece of ribbon or fabric and sew it in but what fun is that!!  And custom printed ribbon is so expensive.



Glitter HTV

  • Force:  17
  • Passes:  2
  • Blade Height:  25 Post-its
  • Speed: 10/10

Regular HTV

  • Force:  15
  • Passes:  2
  • Blade Height:  25 Post-its
  • Speed:  10/10


  1. Create your label in the program of your choice, I used MTC
  2. Cut out your HTV                                             
  3. Adhere the HTV to your fabric or ribbon using either a heat press or iron, I used an iron
  4. Cut your fabric or ribbon to the size you need
  5. Attach your newly created label to your clothing.  I chose to use stitch witchery since my sewing is not that great.                             

Name banner

I’m so embarrassed. For one, I was supposed to post last Friday. I made this project three weeks ago and was so excited that I had my project done already… and then forgot to post it. My excuses get worse: I took pictures of it and can’t find them anywhere!! The only picture I have is horrible and it isn’t even finished here. I since added to the blank square. So on Monday, when I go to school, I will take pictures of it and get a nicer shot of it.

This even has my dog’s foot in it because she decided to back into the picture, but I was able to crop that part out.

Anyway, I wanted a banner to hang in front of my desk, so I used the chipboard from the KNK store and cut it into 4″ squares. And since it is 12×12, you get 9 squares from a sheet, (did I do that math right, because I’ve since learned I’m not smarter than a 5th grader in math), and look at that, my name and a blank square is perfect for this so I only used 1 sheet. I like this chipboard as it is very sturdy, but also very easy to trim. I haven’t tried cutting it on my Zing, but I’m sure it would do just fine. I glued 4×4 sheets of a pretty damask paper I found from my DCWV stash and cut the letters out of DCWV red glitter paper. It is glittery, I promise. I made the letters a little big, I should’ve made them about 3″ and I made them about 3.5.” I had to “smoosh” the M’s or they didn’t fit. I also didn’t center them on the squares because I was debating having the ribbon go across the top, but I ended up going behind the squares. I inked the edges with black ink (as well as my fingers… and some of the table), and used foam tape to stick the letters on. Then I cut holes in the top and threaded the ribbon through. The other version I saw of this had ribbon bows tying each square together and I think I should’ve done that instead, but it’s fine the way it looks.

Since the panda is our mascot, I used print and cut to cut him out and I used foam tape to stick him in the middle. As I said before, I’ll get a better picture of the finished project and you’ll even see my messy desk! Bonus! I have it taped it front of my desk and since I was new to the school, it was a nice way to announce myself and a pretty way to dress up my desk.

Teaching 5th grade is really fun! It’s really hard work, but I’m really enjoying it and I absolutely love my new school. I promise I’ll be on time next month!

Machine used: Zing, red blade, 10/10, 105 (don’t use my settings, I am very lazy about changing blades)

Materials: KNK chipboard, DCWV paper, foam tape, black ink pad.

It’s back to school time!

It has been so many years since the bus stopped at our house but it is still an exciting time of year for so many families. I have one mom who has asked me to make plaques for many of the special events in her son’s life. This year it was for the first day of kindergarten.


Wood plaque

Spray paint


clear transfer tape



red capped blade

Force 36

Speed 450


Because of the number of colors involved I use small rectangles as registration marks so that when they are placed directly on top of the coordinating set everything lines up perfectly. Sorry, they are a little hard to see. If you use the arrange/array feature in KNK Studio it lines up the rectangles perfectly for you.

Last Minute Initials Wedding Glasses Using Sensitive Pressure Vinyl

Last Minute Initials Wedding Glasses This was a Last Minute Initials Wedding Glasses for a couple that had forgotten their wedding glasses. My sister-in-law asked me to do it the same day of the wedding. So the fastest thing that I could do was their initials inside a heart.

The wedding was simple but Beautiful.



  • F = 45 (I have cut this material before with a F=25. This time I had to use F=45. Remember that there are going to be things that can affect the Force and the cut, like the dull of the blade, the mat, etc. So just use this as a guide)
  • V = 100


  1. Using MTC, I choose a heart from this software and with the Rhinestones icon made the circles on the Pressure Sensitive Vinyl.
  2. Then, I wrote their initials inside the heart. When I was happy with the result, I cut it with my KNK Groove-2.
  3. After weeding it, I placed masking tape on top to transfer the project to the glasses
  4. Next, I put a Rhinestone and the bottom end of the heart (the point).
  5. And finally, I made bows to use as an embellishment.


PS: The couples in the picture are me and my husband when we got married in 1990. I just put that candle there to take the picture.